Thursday, April 10, 2008

The things you hear on the elevator...

I heard what can be known as the most interesting conversation I've heard on the elevator today while leaving my place of employment. Mind you, I've been riding this elevator almost 6 and a half years now, and this one does take the cake. A girl had raced to get to the elevator, I was already on it from 2 floors above. One of her friends was yelling at her to hold the doors, and alas, I was no longer alone on my descent to the main lobby. Here is how the conversation went:

Boy: Wow, you were quiet getting out of here today.

Girl: Yeah, I'm in ninja mode.

Boy: Ninja mode?

Girl: Yeah, I'm quiet and quick, but I don't wear black all the time. Ninja's are people too ya know. But actually, I'd rather be a pirate. Pirates are cool and can travel on the seas in their big ships. I'd pillage and do what I wanted, and wear a big hat...and get gold, jewelry, and steal stuff...

Boy: What about the honor code?

Girl: Screw the honor code, I'd do what I wanted...

End of scene. The elevator doors opened and I swear I was going to pee my pants at what I just witnessed as I exited into the main lobby...from the mouth of babes I tell ya.

Then on my trek to the train station, a homeless man was sitting on the inside of the doors asking for change. Now, I don't mind everynow and again to share the lack of wealth that I have, but if I don't have money, don't get mad at me when I offer you my Pop-Tarts. You have no teeth, at least you can gum it to death and get some nourishment.

As for the weather, things have been pretty decent, besides the past 2 days being extremely rainy. Someone said they were calling for snow over the weekend perhaps....perhaps someone needs a boot to the head with that kind of talk? Hopefully things will dry up soon so I can plan the garden...oh to get my hands on some seedlings, and to transplant the raspberries who feel they need to overpower the strawberry plants since they do share the same raised bed...and the blueberry bushes (more like twigs, they're not doing so hot) need to be moved near the strawberries as well...the things I need to do, but not in this soggy mess I call a backyard.

But kids, it's time for me to say adieu. Tomorrow is Friday, and I'm leaving early...only to come back and have to run to pick up my x-rays from my previous orthopaedic doc for my shoulder...the only thing that doc did was take an x-ray, give me a shot of cortisone, send me to physical therapy for 8 weeks, and tell me to call him when the cortisone wore off. Actually, after the novocaine shot wore off 4 hours later, I was in more pain that I had been prior to his "miracle shot". Yeah, quack I tell ya, now I'm going to the same guy my significant other went to for his knee surgery, and apparently the doc knows all about me and my shoulder through loverboys doc visits. Actually made an appt towards the end of April, I'm so proud of me. But then again the rest is a story for another time, maybe I'll enlighten you later on this weekend if I have time...ah, time, something I seem to have so little of these days...

Adios, and catch ya later.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with the girl. I want to be a ninja AND a pirate. That conversation was funny. I want to be friends with that girl.