Sunday, April 13, 2008

Check your receipts...

Friday I was able to leave work early, and since my train wasn't due for another 1/2 hour, I decided to treat myself to a certain tasty frozen coffee concoction from a place that rhymes with Barlucks. I do not treat myself often, but thought I had deserved it after working overtime and working through my lunchtime. So as I'm walking, I stopped off at the coffeeshop located at the new location formerly known as the Marshall Fields building (got bless that landmark, unfortunately Chicago will never be the same since Macy's came to town and took over) and ordered myself a tall Mocha frappucino.

First, it took about 2 minutes to place my order in the empty shop, one person was doing bills (their bills, not the coffee shop bills), one girl was chatting with a friend over by the coffee machines, and one guy was cleaning the counters behind her. So I waited calmly until finally the guy cleaning the counters came to help. He was nice, young, and knew what he was doing. After he had finished, my order, I said thanks and that I needed to pay. Then the other person working on their bills came by and acted like it was a chore to take my money for services they had rendered. I should have just walked out after the drink was given to me, but I'm a nice gal. So then my order came to $4.92. I thought about it a second, handed the guy a $5, then thought about how much my order should have been.

After receiving my receipt, I looked at it, looked at the menu, and realized that a tall Mocha frap should have charged as $3.50, not $4.50 like the grande I had been charged. So I ask the other employees how much a tall should have cost, told them I had been charged more, and then the person who had put through the order (now in full Diva mode) started to complain how he wasn't feeling well, how the guy who had made the drink should have charged the order instead of waiting for his tired self to do it, that he was working on other things and was thinking of that instead of ringing up my order properly. Sorry sweetie, you're just being plain lazy, I saw you doing your bills with your checkbook off to the side, so don't pull that crap with me. So I was not only refunded my $5 and received my drink for free, I was given an additional $.92, yes, the number still astounds me, back as a "sorry for your inconvenience" amount. So not only did I get my money back, but given an addition $.92. No offense, and I'm surprised I got my money back, but the addition ninety-two cents just boggles me, as to why this was given back as well. Guess that was what my little 5 minute pop in that turned into a 15 minute headache cost...ninety two cents for my additional time. How some things work sometimes.

I do, however, know that I will not be gracing that location anytime soon, nor any coffee "Barlucks" location for now. I have found a wonderful blog by a friend about losing weight...check out Fatty Fatty two by four. Hilarious, lots of good tidbits, and wonderful helpful hints on the daily grudge of keeping down those pounds.

Well, that's my schpeal for now, have a wonderful day, and remember, if something doesn't look right on your receipt, it probably isn't. Make sure you were charged the correct amount, and if it's wrong, speak up! You don't look like the bad person for telling someone they charged you wrong, they did you a disservice. Plus, don't let them act like its a huge dramatic event because they charged you wrong, if that's the case, ask to speak to a manager, or get the persons name and report them. I pay for a service, I DO NOT pay for attitude, if I wanted that I'd have gone to Ed Debevicks where they give it freely for no extra charge.


Sarah McBride said...

I know how you feel. I feel that way everytime I go to "barlucks"
especially the one near me. Thats why I completely quit going there. I was tired of the wannabe seattle grunge in NC clothing. Plus McDonalds now has the iced coffees and they are really good actually. And a HECK of a lot cheaper than the OTHER place.

Anonymous said...

I hate coffee, so I can't relate to snotty coffee place workers, but as me sometime about the mullet-wearing carnie with an attitude. Actually, don't. It gives me high blood pressure and then I need to do a few shots just to try and forget about the whole experience.