Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Shamrock Shuffle...and beer

Yup, I did it. I signed up for my first race...not so much a race, but I'm going to be running. Yup, March 29th, 2009...which gives me over 9 weeks to start training. The Shamrock Shuffle can either be an 8K run, or a 5K walk...and the cool thing is that if I don't think I can handle a 5 mile run, then I can always bump myself down to do the walk...whoo-hoo! Incentive? Apparently beer drink tickets after the race, just what I want to do, run then drink, then hurl...sounds like a grand time, dontcha think?

So doing weight watchers, didn't lose any weight this past week, but didn't gain any either. It keeps snowing, so I'm peeved that I can't go out and start running outside yet. Found out that the Village has a Community Center, it's $25 for a 2 year membership....yup, that sounds good to me. Only deal is that it's only open past 4 pm 3 days a week, and it's not open on the weekends...oh well, at least I can get 3 days in of working out...and for $25, I'm not going to complain. Plus that gives me incentive to use some of my vacation days to take a day here or there off and sneak in some extra training...then again, I have no idea what this place looks like, on the website there's a couple of treadmills that have elderly people on them...maybe I should look into this place more before I join...

So that's the latest and the greatest. Looking to clean out the storage facility this weekend so we can save an extra $159 a month (and here I thought we were going to be almost done with the floor in the living room/dining room...we haven't even started!!!) that can go towards bills, and I'm praying for my W-2 to come in the mail so I can either knock out bills, or put it towards the wedding (which I'm sure it'll go partial for both). I'm also heading to Miami for a day and a half next week, I'm not a big fan where I fly in the day of the meeting, then the next day when the meetings end I'm back on a flight to come home...at least I don't have anything planned that weekend, and I'm not going to. Loverboy will either have to do the laundry, or learn how to make underwear out of hand towels...and if he wants a dish he'll have to wash it cause I'm hiding the paper plates (TOTAL cop out if ya ask me).

It's snowing upwards, but then again, I see all kinds of crazy weather patterns on the 27th floor of a Chicago high rise...the only time I'm not a fan is when there's 30+ mile wind gusts that literally sway the building (and the faster the gusts, the more the building shakes)...freaks me out.

Hopefully within the next 3 months that'll change. Goal? To find a job right before the wedding, give my 2 weeks notice so I'm done the week before the wedding, get married, then start the new job and new life about a week or 2 after. Hey, I'm saving up all this vacation time for a reason, nice going away paycheck...I get paid for unused vacation time, just not personal or sick time..so those are all used up. Right now I've got about 103 hours right now, that's over 2 1/2 weeks right now...even if I use up a day here and there, I'm still guaranteed, by the time I leave, almost 3 weeks in pay. Yeah, nice little nest egg which can either be used for time off or for the wedding again...I'm thinkin ahead.

I need a nap, I'm thinkin' too much these days...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby it's cold outside....

You better believe it!!! OH, and I unfortunately feel like I freaked others out, so my Meme has been revised...didn't mean to be too personal, I had lots a brewin' last night. Imagine what else I could've written if I had had anything to drink!!!! Bleah, no thanks...

So yeah, coming home from work, the thermometer in my car shows -12 as the temp outside. Negative 12 degrees, yup, my car has never shown me a negative temperature before, I had to take a second glance while hitting the breaks and not giving a gentle nudge to the person in front of me. Yowza!!!

So it's a happy day. Happy why? It was fullfilling. I got a bunch done at work, getting a dentist appt for Loverboy somewhere in our area code (I don't know why we would drive 45 minutes to see some guy the guys he works with go to), I'm way under points (11 so far actually) but I'm super full and was only hungry enough for half of my new turkey veggie concocxion burger with tater tots and a 8oz Sierra Mist. Think I'm going to start changing out tortillas for huge romaine lettuce leaves, work just as well, no points, better for ya, and gettin the greens in for the day. Woot!

Tomorrow I get to leave early from work, and Saturday I get to meet up with a friend and check out some bridal dresses to get ideas I can touch rather than just look at something online (and I love my girls for helping me out and sending me all those wonderful links). Yeah, it's been a good day. Here's to many more good days in 2009.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Meme from my favorite Hairwrecker...

I got this Meme from Lindsey, and this is going to be hard since a lot of this stuff I haven't talked about with anyone, don't freak out, I'm okay, but some of this might be disturbing...so here goes.

1. I'm tubby, unhappy, in debt, and getting married in 5 months...lol. Actually, not to sad about that, just living life day to day.

2. I've lived a long and unusual life, and I'm only 32. I've had more things happen and done more things that I'm not happy about than most people will experience in their lifetimes. However, each of these is a lesson learned and a lesson to improve thy self upon. Get over it, take it one day at a time.

3. I have a better relationship with my friends parents than I do with my own. I can't get my Mother to come and visit, she's been to the house once in the past 4 years that I've lived here and feels the need to send me 3 line emails to see how I'm doing. It's rare if I get a phone call, and that usually means she's asking if I'm going to so and so's for a family gathering, or if I can send her some pictures by email. I've since stopped replying to her emails with anything more than "Things are fine, Matt says hi, talk more later". My father, God forbid he picks up the phone to call, and he only calls if I call, the machine picks up, and I'm screaming "Someone has to be home, pick up the phone." I miss Lindsey's Dad, he always made me feel good about myself.

4. I cannot STAND my sister. We've never been close, I don't agree how she's pawning my nephew on my Mother 24-7, or someother unlucky soul, and has the gall to tell me she can't afford something (I can't think of anything at the moment of what started the conversation) because she has to pay for her son (ex-bf is in the pic, but they're psycho to each other)...yet she had 2 dogs that she couldn't take care of, had to get rid of one since they were both alpha males, has a cat that looks like a stray, goes to Chicago and to the museums as much as she can get, goes out to dinner with her BF (whom I love by the way, he's the best guy she's ever been with, and have there been plenty), can afford to get a second car, but gets mad at me when I don't pay her $25 that went towards a birthday gift for my Mom even though she owes me $111 from paying for supplies for remodeling our parents bathroom as a Christmas present last year? She's blood, but I know who my true sisters are.

5. I can have a nasty temper that I've learned to control, and by nasty, I mean full out Hulk, get in your face, don't F with me, who do you think you are...yeah, like that. Sometimes it starts to come out, but I've learned to spew it all into blog postings, otherwise I watch Loverboy play World of Warcraft and kill the bad guys. I think that's not only spewed from my Dad, but from bad relationships I've had in the past...this is the only one that made sense. I appologize for all the stupid things I've done in the past based off stupid guys, my girls and friends are the only true ones that matter, and I lost a chunk of my life because of it that I'll never get back...someone should have given me shock therapy, I was an idiot.

6. Sometimes I want to kick Loverboy in the head because he plays that WOW game so friggin much. Last week, he played everynight, on the 54 inch TV that he got, which has surround sound. I couldn't watch anything on the DVR, so I sat, crocheting scarves to donate to a local shelter in the next town over (if I can get anyone on the phone). If he put as much effort in cleaning the garage that he has into that game, we'd be able to get the storage unit I got, thinking we were going to load it up while we had the living room floor ripped up, which isn't happening with these subarctic temperatures. So stuffs in storage, I'm paying $159 a month (only 2 months so far) so he can sit on his a$$ and play his video game. I actually went off on him about this, he can start paying for it if he can't clean up the garage, and I'LL play the video games. We'll be cleaning out the storage this weekend.

7. I like liversausage. I said it, I don't care! That's the one thing I'll eat before donating blood cause I know my iron levels will be up. Sue me!

8. I would one day like to be able to travel to Cairo. Why, you ask? I have no friggin clue, but there's a calling for some reason...since I was a kid, I'm destined to go there someday. Maybe it started after watching an Indiana Jones movie, who knows...I'm gonna go someday.

9. I want to buy a ton of land and have multiple houses on it for all my friends to come and live...of course I'll have to win the lottery to do this, but hey, mortgage free? Who'd say no to that?

10. I'm tired, betcha didn't know that? It's almost midnight, I'm mentally drained and have to get up at 5am...hopefully. I wanna work extra hours so I can leave early on Friday, and I'm not looking forward to tomorrow's high of -1 degrees. Nope, I'm really not.

So that's that, my 10 Memes...I'm not tagging anyone unless you want to do this too. 10 things that no one knows about you that you feel comfortable sharing.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Doing a happy dance...

So I'm not the best person when it comes to staying on diets or stay on track for what diets are SUPPOSED to be like (yeah, I cheat, I'll say it, wanna make somethin' of it?)...but I was really impressed with the past week with Weight Watchers. I was strick to the program, I'd make myself something, Loverboy was up to fend on his own (which I'm sure meant he lost this week too), unless I felt giving. Drum roll please...........

I've lost 5.4 pounds in one week!!! Yup, ...how did I accomplish this? Well, see my New Years Accomodations post. I'm thrilled! I kept up with the points system, was either spot on or just under my points for the day, and the only day I used part of the "35 extra weekly points" was on Friday when I had fried goodness while watching TV in the bedroom while Loverboy once again took over the 54" screen playing what else...World of Warcraft. Meh, let him do this until the weather gets warmer and he can rip up the floor and poor the post for the house, it's too cold to do it right now. OH, and I'm not drinking Mountain Dew like it's going out of style! I've gotten myself to have an 8oz (baby cans) of either Sierra Mist or Ginger Ale...so I can still get a little canned goodness, but not too much. I think I only used 3 of those cans in the past 2 weeks, I don't feel the need to waste 2 points on empty calories. I can't do diet, sorry guys, the taste gets to me, and I'm sensitive to Asparatame...gives me nasty migraines, which makes me HAVE to choose something healthy and not just low fat/fat free.

So yeah, I'm a happy camper. And that was without even exercising, giving me hope that I can be a healthier me in 2009...whoo-hoo (had to say it again...I'm almost at the weight I was when I first met Loverboy, hoping I can get under that within the next month, and even more by the wedding). I only major thing I did that would be considered "exercise" was the 45 minutes I took to shovel the driveway...without the snowblower (that thing is Satan on wheels, I'll tell ya that). Maybe I'll start walking if the snow doesn't stop me like it did over the weekend...and here I was going to start the "couch to 5K"...I've got an 8K Shamrock Shuffle with my name on it coming up, and if I don't do the 8K run, I've always fot the 5K walk.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Funky Friday!!!

Well, not really, but it sounded like a good title at the time. So it's Friday, I've got about an hour of work left, and I'm on airport run for a friend of mine out to O'Hare tonight. Send pleasant thoughts that the snow doesn't send all the idiots my way that don't know how to handle it...you've lived in this state for how many years and you still don't know how to drive in the snow? If you can't drive your Beemer, Hummer, or whatever the heck the popular car is these days, then stay home...you'll save a bunch of people from getting a migraine from yelling at your stupid keister, and save yourself the cost of a tow truck taking you out of that ditch cause you thought it was okay to continue to drive 70 even though even the truckers were going 50.

Okay, enough vent.

I saw one of the most disgusting, yet most intriguing things on the way to work the other day. This could seriously be a separate blog all together of the crap I see...from peeing homeless guys, to fecal matter in the street, to dirty diapers being flung out of car windows....to my latest encounter. On the bridge, under Michigan Avenue, were the ripped wings of a pigeon just laying there like nobody's business. That wasn't the disturbing part, the thing that really caught my attention, and an iron stomach to not hurl at the moment, was that the wings had been placed in a perfect pattern. They were positioned and placed together about 4 inches apart as if the bird was previously in flight, almost like angel wings when they're completely outstretched. Now if you've got a queasy stomach, stop right here, because I'm going to say something that's kinda gross...you could tell that someone knew what they were doing by the way the bones in the wings were intact. They were ripped perfectly from the ball and socket joint, you could see the bone and then the feathers of the wing...again, I try to stop the heaves that are a commin...

This was as disturbing to me as watching the floating grocery bag in American Beauty...why is it there, how did it get there, and why am I strangely staring at it and wondering what happened? I almost took a picture, but thought it morbid...seriously, that's not normal, right? Don't worry, I'm not going all artsy fartsy on ya's...just one of my many eff-d up daily Chicago encounters.

So that's that, who tears off the wings of a pigeon? Did he eat the rest for lunch? Bleah...not tasty, and I'll never know since I'm not keen on eating pigeon unless I have to hunt for it (and we know THAT ain't gonna happen)...what kick puppy does that, then leaves the wings outstretched where people like myself walk by it? May I never witness that again.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Years accomplishments

So I never start New Years resolutions on New Years Day...it's too depressing that if you screw up on day one that you blow it for the rest of the year. Plus it gives me time to reflect on what I really want to accomplish this year and why, not just a list of "oh, I have to lose weight, I need to do this, I need to do that"....again, just verbal spew. This year I am taking the initiative to have resolutions and state WHY I want to achieve these goals...not sure how many there'll be, and basically all of last years resolutions went the way of the crapper...except stopping smoking. Yes, the major resolution of last year did take...As of last Jan I had I think something like 9 cigarettes between January and April, and have not touched one since. There were a few iffy times where I thought to myself "Self, it won't hurt you to have just one, or sneak a few smokes from Loverboy's stash"...but it would have hurt me not only in the physical, but in the aspect that I'm not cheating others with this action, but I'm cheating on myself and letting myself know that I do not have the willpower that it takes to be a better person. I think the car accident was a major factor there, and the fact that I want to get into nursing and it's hypocritical to tell others that it's bad for them when I'm doing it myself. So kudos to me, the only resolution that I've stuck with since I began making resolutions.

So here are what I'd like to call not necessarily resolutions, but accomplishments I'd like to achieve in 2009. Resolutions sound too demanding, that if you don't comply that you'll be ridiculed for the rest of your life. So here goes...

1. To eat healthier and make smarter choices in the food department. I'm not saying weight loss since that's a major downer due to family gatherings, company lunches or parties, or getting together with the girls for a movie night or wine tasting gathering. If I start to make smarter choices and watch what I eat, then the weight should just come off naturally. I'm not even saying that I want to lose 40 pounds by May (non realistic, but non the less, it'd be nice to do), but by portion and food control, I could reach that goal. Every little bit helps. Also by doing this and putting more healthy choices in my corner will help me not only battle obesity, but multiple medical problems, disease, blood pressure problems, clogged arteries, and strain on my being as a whole. This means cooking better, more food from scratch, less food that is premade or quickly deep fried for a tasty treat...and bringing my lunch to work throughout the week rather than relying on frozen dinners or microwaveable delights(unless it's to heat up homemade food).

2. I will exercise more. I'm not saying I'm going to go out and join a gym (though I'm thinking about it), but going out for walks after dinner, or on the weekends with the dogs (weather permitting). Not staying inside in the summer when it's hot outside when I could be burning fat pulling weeds, working on the garden, making the yard pretty (with what I can do with it right now till be can actually start to do landscape)...I had a lazy year this year and I'm kicking myself for it. Again, this goes in hand with number 1 as well, it will help me be healthier, strengthen joints, and increase my overall health to fight medical issues, diabetes, cardiac health, etc. Hopefully this will also help my constant battle with injuring myself as I did this past year. Here's to no injuries other than papercuts and splinters in 2009!

3. I will stop buying every piece of crappy thing that calls my name. I've actually done quite well the past couple of months, but I need to keep up with that. I do NOT need bamboo placemats that I say I'm going to use for craft inspiration...it's all still in a bag under my computer desk begging to be used. I do NOT need to buy colored pipe cleaners and boa's to make pencil pals in Christmas colors (something I was going to do prior to the holidays, but will stay hidding until next Christmas if I feel perky enough to make them). I WILL not buy anymore cake pans just because they're on sale, I neither have the room, nor the time, nor the waistline to make the goodness shown on the sleeve of the pan. I will NOT purchase clothing just because it's on clearance, that glittery shirt looked cute on the hanger, and for $5 was a steal, but I am not at the age to go clubbing with the twenty-somethings anymore...I'm old.

4. In hand with #3, I will learn to manage my money better. I will also pay myself first and learn to consolidate credit cards as to lower finance charges, monthly payments, and eventually be able to get rid of some of my credit cards. I do not need 10 different methods of credit cards, if I need more credit, I'll ask for an increase on an already used card. This also includes store credit cards, I do not need a credit card to Torrid or Kohl's if I only grace that store once a year...it's not worth it to keep it on my credit report or my conscience.

5. I will plan on spending more time with myself. Not that I'm not with myself 24/7, but I do more for others than I do for myself. I do not feel that I need to stretch myself paper thin to be socially active, then feel stressed that I can't make it to every party/gathering/birthday that I am invited to. It is okay to say "No", and I will begin to say it more often if I feel that I am not treating myself accordingly. I can go to the movies by myself, I can see a play if I want to, and I can go to a concert without the need to have someone with me...if I want to do this by myself, then I will. Hence causing less stress, and increasing my own mental and physical health (going hand in hand with #1). This also includes trying to get more than 4 hours of sleep a night, sleeping is a much needed act that I need to start taking more seriously.

6. I'd like to be more organized and clean in the process. However, this is difficult while living in a construction zone, but I feel that I have been leaching off this fact in turn creating MORE problems. I will start off with small things and do daily affirmations of what I will try to accomplish for that day/week (depending on the project, Sarah talked about flylady, but I deleted the daily emails since there were all repeating themselves and ended up turning into more junk email), writing things in a calendar, and letting Loverboy know in advance when there will be a family gathering, where it is, and if he's available. In turn, when the house does come into order (someday, maybe when I'm 50?), then it will be easier to incorporate that into the rest of the living space and in turn my sanity. Keeping in with the being more organized, I will also not feel the need to constantly sign up for anything under the sun online, and in turn get daily spam-mail that gets my blood boiling.

7. I will increase my knowledge through books, museums, and culture. I love going to the museums, zoo's, aquariums...heck, Chicago is a major cultural icon of the United States!!! And here I take it for granted, saying that I enjoyed it during grade school holding a sack lunch while on a field trip taking the bus from the suburbs. I did go to the Shedd Aquarium by myself back in 2004, but have not ventured anywhere since then (it was my birthday present to myself, and the first time I'd ventured out without my boot on from breaking my foot playing Turkey Bowl 2003 with the boys...ah the priorites). I would love to see the new exhibits at the Museum of Science and Industry, or see the new African frogs they just got at the Brookfield Zoo, or experience the light show at the Adler Planetarium...and I will, this year I will. Plus I am going to begin reading a book a month again. I am not going to push myself for more, but if I read more, then bonus to me.

8. I would like to travel more this year, go to places I've never been before. Scenarios like this do not necessarily require great deals of money either, but just nice road trips, going to the surrounding towns around where I live, check out the history of where I'm at...I'd like to start a map with all the places that I've been (Lindsey had a map like that when we were kids, I was amazed at all the places that she'd been to). Plus I'd like to check out the rafting up in Wisconsin, or even out towards Virginia...I've heard good things about both.

9. Patience is a virtue and one that I have increasing been losing throughout the years. Whether it be a patient who doesn't read what they're supposed to, or a rampant child that I feel the need to correct (and an not their Mother, so what am I doing), or someone in the 10 items or less lane with a full cart, or even with Loverboy and the state of our living conditions...I can have a nasty temper that lurks and strikes when I least expect it too. I will learn to step back, assess the situation, and either deal with it in a calm manner, or remove myself completely from the scenario if I have no other choice. I think this will also help out with #1 in the health/stress situation.

10. I will more involved when it comes to the environment. I try to recycle about 75% off everything that comes in the house, I even have sacks from stores so when I go there, I don't need plastic bags...and guess what I forget to bring everytime I go to that store? I'm good about junk mail (and need to bring this to Loverboy's attention when I take junkmail out of his garbage can by his desk) and recycling paper, I breakdown cardboard and try to recycle by the numbers that our Lions Club location recycles for plastics...I need to be better with food wastes since we do have a compost corner in the back yard. I am a HUGE fan of farmers markets and shopping local (there's a grocery store down the way that sells fresh chicken/eggs/beef from a local farmer down the road), but I also need to learn that I do not have to go to the farmers markets every weekend. I have a garden, but I need to utilize it better, and I am thankful for my Aerogarden (yes, I got one) where I can grow fresh herbs in my kitchen...the only thing with that is the amount of electricity it uses, but it makes a great nightlite! I'm looking into solar panels and wind turbines for the house with Loverboy, we're waiting for pricing to go down and see what we can do about getting our own power cells for the house. Not that we expect to be off the grid, but we want to see what we can do to help out with the money aspect (as long as it doesn't become an impulse or crappy buy).

11. I will write more in my blog! I can write in more whimsical, interesting info rather than the latest nasty vomitious spew going on in my life, though it may not be as interesting as my monthly dilemmas. I will try to be more upbeat and not so depressing (though sometimes that's half the entertainment right there). SO here's to a better blogginess for 2009.

So there are the accomplishments I'd like to achieve for 2009. Ask me in 2 months if I've even started any of these, most likely I'll have already dropped half of them. But I will at least start off with these today, I have no inkling to blow these off right now, but with a little sweat and persevearance, I think these can be quite achievable.

I'm off to clean off my computer desk and clean out the fridge...hopefully I'll complete both tasks before getting bored and crashing in front of the TV with Loverboy...who's taken today as a task to clean the garage to the point where we can sort of have a living room back before the floor gets ripped out...serenity now I tell ya, and putting the loveseat in storage is no easy feat, but can hopefully get done by the end of the day.

Bless all who've kept up with me this past year, and hope you're accomplishments are within your grasp!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goodbye 2008...

I say goodbye to 2008 with bells on, this has been one hell of a year! Plus, just out of spite, good ol' 2008 had one more kick in the pants to give me before the year was up...

The day after Christmas (Dec 26th) I'd gone to Sam's Club to stock up on Mountain Dew for Loverboy (who basically drinks it like it's going out of style...but hey, he gets stuff done around the house, so who cares, right?) and ended up getting a flat tire in the parking lot. May all you older men watching a woman in sweats, kneeling in an inch of thawed iceberg water, be pummeled for not assisting a damsel in distress changing a tire...though one guy did stop by, but only after he had finished his cigarette at the time where I was just taking the tire off to put the new one on...hey, at least there was effort. So I dropped by to see Loverboy to see if the tire was shot, or if he could plug it up and then swap it back with the spare to put it back under the car (yes, with the Blazer, the tire is under the car...and difficult to access when needed...speaking from experience). So as the tire is being put back under the car, I decided to put the manual back in the glovebox. Mind you, the truck is by the lift, the machine that lifts the car/truck so you can either put back on a tire comfortably, or work under the automobile comfortably. So I put the book in the glovebox, take a step back to close the door...next thing you know I'm on the floor. I jump back up, look around to see who witnessed my once again graceful rendition of non-swan lake, and then looked to see what had aided me in my newest klutz act. The lift arms...they were pushed outwards out of the way so the car could be driven away from the lift. My right wrist was throbbing, my left foot felt like a nail was thrust through it...more on that later...I seriously don't know who's side of the family I get this from, when I find out, I'm going to punch them in the kidney.

So weekend comes and goes, I'm lethargic and do nothing but watch TV, read emails, and keep my foot up. Monday I'm in pain, so I call to see a doc and get x-rays. "We want you to see an orthopaedic surgeon, apparently you have a detatched 4th digit in your left foot". Detatched? As in dislocation? The wrist was fine, just sprained (thank goodness, but still sucky for workin on the computer and lifting a gallon of milk). So it's end of the month, end of the year, I can't take a day off to save my life, but if I don't, then I won't get seen for 2 weeks. Fine, I'll take off NYE...ah, a 5 day weekend!!! Office is closed New Years day, and we all decided to use vacation time and close down on Friday for an extended holiday. So go to the docs yesterday...yeah, I've got a break in the 4th digit towards the middle of my left foot, but there's nothing they can do not only because of the location, but it's apparently already healing...either I'm Wonder Woman in the healing department, or it's a stress fracture that happened prior to my fall on Friday...who knows. All I know is I took a day off for a 15 minute visit with the doc who gave me a brace for my still sore wrist, said there's nothing they can do with my foot, and told me to come back if it's still hurting in about a month. Wow, really? The doc the day before couldn't tell that the bone was healing up in the x-ray? Gotta love the medical system.

So yeah, 2008 got one more "stick it to the klutz" before the end of the year...I've decided to find someone who can exorcise Loverboy and I and our house so as to help prevent injuries in 2009. Here's what we've dealt with this past year...

March: Loverboy has knee surgery and is off work for 6 weeks.
April: Stupid girl hit me in Loverboy's truck, totalling the truck and sending me to the ER for x-rays. Loverboy almost knocks himself unconscious working on pipes in the attic...has a goose egg on his head for a couple of weeks.
May: Fell through friends 2nd floor bedroom to 1st floor bathroom (I've still got scar tissue healing in my right elbow).
June: Finally find out with doc #3 that there are tears in my left shoulder, surgery is scheduled for the end of July.
July: Surgery is scheduled for middle of August due to doc going on vacation. Find out it's not good to try to go swimming with a messed up shoulder. Loverboy screws up knee overdoing it on a friends jetski while on vacation. I have to drop from the nursing program due to the surgery in August, and have to reapply to be eligible for August of 2009.
August: Shoulder surgery on Wednesday the 13th, but end up with a sore throat the morning going into surgery. I'm a pain with a cold and dealing with lack of shoulder function, though I do do laundry the 2nd day after therapy. I'm sure Loverboy was rethinking the marriage proposal after that time. Off work 6 weeks.
September: We were actually lucky here, knock on wood.
October: The motherload! Loverboy thinks his foot is broken, x-rays say sprain, but he's hobbling for 3 weeks. Loverboy's Aunt has quadruple bypass surgery. Loverboy's Dad ends up in the hospital with multiple stomach ulcers and extreme blood loss. I feed Dad for 3 weeks so he can regain his strength and see what he can eat without pain. Inspires Dad to start cooking healthy for himself.
November: I think we were okay here too...
December: Loverboy fractures his 4th toe (the toe part) on his computer chair due to the dog kicking it towards him. I get sick for 2 weeks (badly) after coming back from an investigator meeting in California. I then proceed to injure my right wrist and left foot the day after Christmas, leading to finding out that I've got a broken 4th digit by the joint in the middle of my foot which they can do nothing about. And I've finally gotten back down to my presurgery weight.

2008 also brought gas prices up the nose, company payouts due to the ecomomy sucking, Blagojevich getting arrested (go Illinois), Obama being elected for President, thousands of people losing their jobs, stores going out of business, stores closing (my Michaels craft store is closing, I'm pissed),

So 2008, you can suck it for all I care. I'm done with you and all your problems. I'm welcoming 2009 with open arms. What do you have to offer? Here's a few things I hope:

A new job closer to home.
Reapplying for the nursing program for August of 2009.
Getting married in May.
Getting the sink back in the bathroom (it's been out since Feb I think).
Putting down hardwood floors in the living room.
Putting in a fireplace and new headers in the living room.
Not getting hurt. At all. Period. I'm not joking...

So that's that. I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve, Loverboy and I just relaxed at home, making fun of the drunkards on TV in New York, and watching Bon Jovi in concert on one of the HD channels...it was a nice relaxing night. But hugs out to ya, and may 2009 bring you happiness, hope, and prosperity. God bless.