Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Meme from my favorite Hairwrecker...

I got this Meme from Lindsey, and this is going to be hard since a lot of this stuff I haven't talked about with anyone, don't freak out, I'm okay, but some of this might be here goes.

1. I'm tubby, unhappy, in debt, and getting married in 5 Actually, not to sad about that, just living life day to day.

2. I've lived a long and unusual life, and I'm only 32. I've had more things happen and done more things that I'm not happy about than most people will experience in their lifetimes. However, each of these is a lesson learned and a lesson to improve thy self upon. Get over it, take it one day at a time.

3. I have a better relationship with my friends parents than I do with my own. I can't get my Mother to come and visit, she's been to the house once in the past 4 years that I've lived here and feels the need to send me 3 line emails to see how I'm doing. It's rare if I get a phone call, and that usually means she's asking if I'm going to so and so's for a family gathering, or if I can send her some pictures by email. I've since stopped replying to her emails with anything more than "Things are fine, Matt says hi, talk more later". My father, God forbid he picks up the phone to call, and he only calls if I call, the machine picks up, and I'm screaming "Someone has to be home, pick up the phone." I miss Lindsey's Dad, he always made me feel good about myself.

4. I cannot STAND my sister. We've never been close, I don't agree how she's pawning my nephew on my Mother 24-7, or someother unlucky soul, and has the gall to tell me she can't afford something (I can't think of anything at the moment of what started the conversation) because she has to pay for her son (ex-bf is in the pic, but they're psycho to each other)...yet she had 2 dogs that she couldn't take care of, had to get rid of one since they were both alpha males, has a cat that looks like a stray, goes to Chicago and to the museums as much as she can get, goes out to dinner with her BF (whom I love by the way, he's the best guy she's ever been with, and have there been plenty), can afford to get a second car, but gets mad at me when I don't pay her $25 that went towards a birthday gift for my Mom even though she owes me $111 from paying for supplies for remodeling our parents bathroom as a Christmas present last year? She's blood, but I know who my true sisters are.

5. I can have a nasty temper that I've learned to control, and by nasty, I mean full out Hulk, get in your face, don't F with me, who do you think you are...yeah, like that. Sometimes it starts to come out, but I've learned to spew it all into blog postings, otherwise I watch Loverboy play World of Warcraft and kill the bad guys. I think that's not only spewed from my Dad, but from bad relationships I've had in the past...this is the only one that made sense. I appologize for all the stupid things I've done in the past based off stupid guys, my girls and friends are the only true ones that matter, and I lost a chunk of my life because of it that I'll never get back...someone should have given me shock therapy, I was an idiot.

6. Sometimes I want to kick Loverboy in the head because he plays that WOW game so friggin much. Last week, he played everynight, on the 54 inch TV that he got, which has surround sound. I couldn't watch anything on the DVR, so I sat, crocheting scarves to donate to a local shelter in the next town over (if I can get anyone on the phone). If he put as much effort in cleaning the garage that he has into that game, we'd be able to get the storage unit I got, thinking we were going to load it up while we had the living room floor ripped up, which isn't happening with these subarctic temperatures. So stuffs in storage, I'm paying $159 a month (only 2 months so far) so he can sit on his a$$ and play his video game. I actually went off on him about this, he can start paying for it if he can't clean up the garage, and I'LL play the video games. We'll be cleaning out the storage this weekend.

7. I like liversausage. I said it, I don't care! That's the one thing I'll eat before donating blood cause I know my iron levels will be up. Sue me!

8. I would one day like to be able to travel to Cairo. Why, you ask? I have no friggin clue, but there's a calling for some reason...since I was a kid, I'm destined to go there someday. Maybe it started after watching an Indiana Jones movie, who knows...I'm gonna go someday.

9. I want to buy a ton of land and have multiple houses on it for all my friends to come and live...of course I'll have to win the lottery to do this, but hey, mortgage free? Who'd say no to that?

10. I'm tired, betcha didn't know that? It's almost midnight, I'm mentally drained and have to get up at 5am...hopefully. I wanna work extra hours so I can leave early on Friday, and I'm not looking forward to tomorrow's high of -1 degrees. Nope, I'm really not.

So that's that, my 10 Memes...I'm not tagging anyone unless you want to do this too. 10 things that no one knows about you that you feel comfortable sharing.


Lindsey said...

Good for you, let it all out! Um, except for the liver sausage thing. Gross. (Just kidding.)

Video games are the devil. Barry plays Call of Duty online with his buddies from work, but he knows that if I say "It's time to stop, it's family time" he'd better be off in under two minutes.

I have always felt, my dear, that you deserve way better than the family you got. Promise me you'll listen to and believe what your friends who love you tell you about yourself instead of your family, okay?

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

hey, that's some good shit right there!

i have been told that i am "an old soul" since i was 17yrs old. i, too have lived a "long and unusual" life, and i'm 33.

i feel you on the "i cannot stand my sister" thing, except it's not my sister that i cannot stand, it's my in-laws. they're cheap, they're concerned about the wrong shit, (i.e., $25 gift thing) and just not nice people in general.