Friday, January 25, 2008

First blog...welcome and sit a spell

Okay okay, everyone and their mother has a blog, so I'm going to join the bandwagon. Unfortunately my life isn't too exciting at the moment...which is actually surprising seeing how as there's always something going on.

A little about myself, oh Arctic Chicagoland weather...will my toes ever thaw? I'm on the verge of frostbite on my little piggies...but then again maybe I'd be prone to a smaller shoe size? Speaking of, aren't women supposed to have small dainty feet? Arg, my goliath pedal digits are ginormous...thanks to the sense of humor from the Almighty Creator. Yeah, no flip flops here...and I know how you all are interested in my fashionable footwear...

What else...I recently quit smoking...yup, the bad habit is finite-o. After just about 8 years of puffing away my life, I decided to quit. Cold turkey even....hmmmm....cold turkey....with mayo and lettuce....geez, I need some breakfast right about now, and though Fiber One bars are quite tasty, not a replacement for good solid nourishment. So back to the smoking, I quit Jan 9th, 2008. Don't ask me why I chose that date, it was just one out of the blue, and after my previous dental visit and the planning of getting teeth fixed, getting checked for oral cancer, and getting my teeth whitened in the near future, I was destined to quit the cancer stick obsession. Signed up on to get some extra support and find out some helpful stats to keep me on track. And here are my stats of today:

My Stats:
Your Quit Date is: 1/9/2008 12:00:00 PM
Time Smoke-Free: 15 days, 23 hours, 22 minutes and 19 seconds

Cigarettes NOT smoked: 399
Lifetime Saved: 3 days, 1 hour
Money Saved: $112.00

My Med Plan:
No Medication

Yeah, quite a feat for me, even with a significant other that still smokes (but God bless him, he's cut down from 2 packs to a pack a day, and won't smoke in front of the computer in the bedroom anymore), and mutual friends that smoke and have TALKED about quitting, but have never taken the initiative to do it. I feel better since I stopped, I have a little more energy (it's only been a little over 2 weeks), and my olfactory lobes are slowly coming back to me...needless to say that my walk from the train station to work now reeks of urine and unmentionables...something I'm sure I was unable to acquire the stench on previously.

As a package deal, to keep myself from gaining weight during my oral fixation adjustment, I joined Weight Watchers as well, and actually lost 3 pounds my first week! In the words of Joey from Blossom...Whoa! Yeah, no kidding, right? So since I will be a bridesmaid this coming August, the weightloss is a huge effort to squeeze into a smaller dress size (yes, always attempted, rarely actually achieved). But I'm on a mission, I tell ya. Weight Watchers, no smoking, and eating better...2008 isn't the year of the rat, this is the year to finally get my keister in gear and get healthy!!!

So this is my schpeal at the moment. Trust me, this blog will not only be about no smoking, losing weight, and about my big feet...I'm a jack of trades kinda gal...kinda like (and I quote my friends) Martha Stewart on crack with my "gifted" qualities. And by "gifted" I mean creative rather than little yellow school bus special. I'll be posting interesting pictures I take, find, or create...maybe I'll take a pick of my growing garden, or the effects of when deer take over my 1st attempt at growing corn (sigh...that was a sad moment). So hope you enjoy what you read today, I guess I better get back to work seeing how as I'm not getting paid to slack off...or am I? Laters!