Friday, May 13, 2011

How time flies....when you're not having fun...

Apparently I feel the need to write what, every 6 months or so? So yeah, it's May, coming up upon the 2nd Anniversary of marriage bliss to Loverboy, and still with a house that looks like it was hit by a tornado (though I shouldn't joke, we've actually got tornado watches going on right about now), and the bathroom is actually pretty usable, though not yet finished...I think that was the middle name of Loverboy: Lover "won't quite finish anything I come into contact with my Bob Villa type fix its" Boy. Yup, nothing is finished, yet everything has been stared. However MAJOR changes have been in the works...though nothing so recent (been working tons, so haven't been home much to actually spew what's been going out here on this blog oh mine).
So the bathroom is almost done....just need to finish the walls, finish the sink counter, and put the closet in once we get the floor done. If you may have seen in previous pics, we had a big hole in the floor for putting in concrete footers to support the roof. Well, we've lost just a little bit more of the floor... yup, we have a partial floor...that you need to walk across with planks (I feel like I should be on a pirate ship leaping to my death to a swarm of hungry sharks)...Yup, those are boards going across nothingness...and all I wanted for Christmas and my birthday was to get the friggin' couch back in the house...alas my prayers were NOT answered.Yeah, how great is this? We even have planks that go to the bathroom!

Though I must admit the bathroom is looking sassy...and I swear is now worth more than the house itself. So we'll see what happens this summer.

Other than that, had issues were Loverboy and I almost parted ways...well, I almost parted ways, Loverboy is one of those men type who don't get that their woman is unhappy, and life is like is a bowl of cherries, or some shit like that. I was indeed on the verge of leaving loverboy, this hell house, and the southern suburbs of Chicagoland to find something actually sane and just had a floor. I was so tired of living in the bedroom while tard boy spent his days doing anything BUT work on our "home" (just because it's a house does NOT mean it is automatically a home). After much discussions and loads of crying (which I kick myself for...I've becoming a freakin emotional mess since meeting the man I'm supposed to spend the rest of my life with), we came to an understanding that we need more communication and help from each other...him with the zillions of things needed to be done with the house, and me with some attention and housework when I'm not working my 60-80 hour weeks (yeah, got second job, so now I'm gone from the house even more now!).

What else is going on...that's about it. Job is good, aside from having dirty old men telling me they want to help my husband do unmentionable things to me (seriously?), old ladies screaming at me because the think I have no idea what I'm talking about (a heat pack is NOT a pain medication patch and you do NOT pick it up from behind the counter...that's not what over the counter means...), and clients sitting on the floor and shitting on the carpet...I commend all those who join me in doing CNA work, nursing, and home healthcare...

What else...I'll be getting my garden in soon, hopefully, but not today...tornado warnings put a damper on that. Though I am excited to add a second 4x8 foot raised bed to the mix and have more homegrown deliciousness (I'm talking veggies here...though that could be taken out of context SO easily...) and less cash on grocery stores and farmers markets (they're just starting this month at a lot of locations by me, and I go a little overboard with helping the local markets, but need to seriously tone down the cash spending), plus eating healthier and losing my so called pouch of a gut (also known as my "joey"...I'm waiting for a kangaroo to come out and prove that it's not my fault that it's there).

So that's that for now...6 months, geez, I was shocked when it was 2011, let alone almost halfway through the year!!! So lets see what happens with the house. The new rule is that if I don't have the couch back here by Christmas of 2011, then I will leave this house, leave Loverboy, and start the New Year out on my let's see what happens.