Monday, May 4, 2009

Sporadic spew...

So things have been interesting lately...I saved a baby goose from getting run over on a major street in Naperville. The lady 2 cars in front of me wasn't going to move until the gosling was off of the street...sad to say he was too little to jump up the curb and to clueless to run until he found the sidewalk, so I threw my truck in park, put on the hazards, and ran over to usher the little guy to get off the road. Got a thanks from the lady in front and a thumbs up from the lady behind her as I ran back to my car.

What else...I saw a pair of dirty plaid drawers in the middle of the road (looks like someone either had an accident while driving, or was doing the nasty and ditched the evidence)...what else.

OH, one of the doctors at our facility thinks we may have had a patient last week that had the swine comfortable does that make you feel when you see one of the doctors and 2 nursing assistants wearing gowns, gloves, and masks while you're walking around without said protection asking what's going on? Yeah, STILL don't know if this patient tested positive, but oh, they building said they're going to start sanitizing better in the building, such as doorknobs and elevator buttons..hmm...thought they should've done that already. Turns out there's a couple of cases of the swine f...correction, a couple of cases of H1N1 (apparently the pork industry having issues due to the "swine" reference) in Illinois, one so close as to my hometown of Batavia (the middle school was closed down, as well as a case possibly found in Rogers Park). Loverboy is better be allergies after he was outside all weekend mowing, chain sawing trees (yes, I said chain sawing), and working with the yard...and here I keep telling him to take his vitamins and honey (which is supposed to help build up immunity to seasonal allergies...wives tale, maybe so, but who hasn't gotten hit with allergies yet this year...hint hint).

So what's in full swing, and so is my brain. I've been having negative thoughts of being the ugly fat bride, and I've had some special ladies tell me I'm mental....thanks gals, I love ya!

This is my final week of work before the wedding!!! Then I'm off for 2 whole weeks...que something by Aerosmith that would fit here...I'm on an Aerosmith kick lately. Whoot-whoot!!!

So all is well, things are happening, and I'm trying not to be mental (if you see me scoot to the edge, just give me a boot to the head).