Friday, April 24, 2009


Loverboy's Mom has a hotel room! Praise the lord!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Are you frackin kidding me?

Okay, yeah, the shitith has hitith the least in my book. So Loverboy's Mom calls to see how things are going , asks what the dress looks like, and wants to know if we've found her a hotel/motel close by so she can visit with us during the wedding. Okay, fine, we said we'd find something close and cheap, and we're trying, but when someone has a budget of $50 or less a night for a room, it's pretty damn hard...even Priceline declined my offer. So that's not the reason for this little rant.

Loverboy's Mom has never been much of one saving money (and don't get me started of her saying how she was "in debt" after she lived with us free of charge for 3 months while looking for a local job about 2 years ago) and is horrible with her impulse buys...and alcohol...and cigarette addictions. So she's trying to find a hotel online for around $50 a night, and can't find any. So she asks us to help, and apparently someone I'm the one trying to find a place for her to stay. She's coming in 2 days before the wedding and leaving the Monday after. Ok, 5 day stay, then she's flying back home.

So I was letting her know what was going on, then how I didn't know how much we would see her on that Thurs night because we were doing the "jack and jill"(bachelor/bachelorette party)...and then staying the night out at a hotel and not coming home till the next morning. Friday night was the rehearsal dinner, and then we'd see her at the wedding. Well she asked if she was invited to the jack and jill, and I started laughing and said no, but she could come to the rehearsal dinner on Friday night. Then I asked her if she wanted to go to the jack and jill, just to see what she'd say (lord knows parents are NOT allowed to the bachelor/bachelorette party...unless you have that type of relationship with your folks...we do not), and she was all for it if there were strippers there. Um...I think I just threw up a little in my mouth...Loverboy's Mom, drinking, and strippers is NOT my idea of a good time. So I explained that we weren't having strippers, and that we were going to a bar that we went to for my birthday to play was something I wanted to do, and after my b-day, Loverboy said he wanted to go there too for his bachelor party...hence now the jack and jill.

So then Loverboy's Mom started saying why should she come out if we're not even going to get to see her (while I'm STILL trying to find her a hotel/motel room online) and that now she may have to change her flight information...we're still going to have to pick her up from the airport, so what the hell? I was getting to a breaking point, so I passed the phone off to Loverboy, I couldn't talk to that woman. So he's talking to her, and then he said something like "You can come to the party, I don't know why Dawn would say that." He said he'd call her back, then came to find me and find out why the heck I passed off the phone and took off. He was also trying to find out why I didn't want him Mom coming to the jack and jill. I apologized for pawning off the phone, but I was frustrated with trying to help her, then she wanting to invite herself to everything, and I'm sorry that she's coming early, but I've got a lot of stuff and I didn't feel that I wanted to babysit her when she was in's not like I don't have enough stuff on my plate! Also, she's still expecting ME (not him, not the Internet, not God himself) to find her a cheap hotel room...who knows what's going to happen then...then she had said that with the money for the flight, and if she's got to put down $300-400 for a hotel stay, either she won't be able to stay as long as she wanted, or she won't be able to get us a wedding gift. I told you, she's not one for saving, and I told her we didn't need a gift as long as she was coming, that was good enough. Loverboy didn't know she'd said those things, I should've told her I'd call her back after talking to Loverboy. But what really upset me was that she wanted to come to the jack and jill (and this is what I explained to Loverboy) and if she did, she would be spending money and be drinking, she's LOUD when she drinks and wants to be everyones friend (then she'll stab you in the back when you least expect it, speaking from experience), she was already complaining about money so why spend money out and about for drinking rather than saving it for the hotel room...and she doesn't know the area. If she follows us, she wouldn't be able to find her way back. If she came WITH us, we are NOT sharing a hotel room with that woman...and don't even THINK about paying for her for the night in her own room, let alone see if anyone else staying would take her in, not for free at least. Loverboy then understood why I had told her that she wasn't invited. Now she's upset and is going to try to come in on that Friday instead of Thursday...and even when she comes into town, she's borrowing one of our cars!!! Seriously, this woman is getting everything handed to her on a silver platter, I swear! I'm not looking at hotels anymore, I'm gonna go tomorrow after the bridal shower to see what's in the long as it's not a roach motel, I think she'll be fine....otherwise she's on her own...I can't perform miracles! Yeah, this is just want I needed...drama...and here I was doing so well?

Friday, April 17, 2009


Yup, I said it. Meh. It's a crappy day. I'm stuck listening to an online webconference about a study that I'm apparently doing well on (and all these questions people are asking are just reworded from what the patient previously just asked!!!). I'm going on 47 minutes of wanting to rip out my hair!!!

48 minutes....

So today is a list of things I get to do today:
-get off work at 1pm (whoo-hoo)
-start jumping rope (see video: )
-take pups for a walk/run
-finish up on wedding bouquet (bridesmaids bouquets are done...I'll send pics tonight)
-work on wall hangings with Loverboy (he did such a wonderful job with the other one!!!)
-start working on wedding music files (yeah, haven't started them yet, but need to sit down with Loverboy so we're not playing Slayer or Incubus)
-clean out fridge and put together healthy meals for the next couple of days
-clean out Blazer to go help friend move tomorrow
-do Biggest Loser workout and have Jillian kick my arse
-stop buying crappy "diet" foods, and learn how to eat normal, healthy, and organic foods (stop buying 100 calorie packs or fat free foods...majority tastes like crap, and it's pricey!!!)
-finish laundry and put away loaded dishwasher from last night
-start working on seating chart and writing out table placecards (at least names until seating chart completed)
-pay bills
-rebudget wedding stuff (and why didn't we do this at the start of the idea, we're just winging it here, maybe not the best thing to do, but we're getting by okay)
-post more stuff on etsy (I need some spending cash)'s they've said with all the questions, this meeting is going on until 12:30pm. Yeah, that's not gonna happen!

11:06am...can I not strangle people for asking so many questions? Thank you operator lady for coming on and saying all other questions will be addressed in writing due to being WAY late on the continuation of the study review.

Oh well, things will get done eventually...surprisingly I'm not so stressed about the wedding lately, which is a good thing, and I'm becoming more laid back with what's going...not as laid back as Loverboy, who comes home and plays his video games again without worrying about wedding plans, but less than I was before. Maybe my brain is just saying to go with the flow, freaking out never helped anyone....though procrastination is a strong point of mine. In the infamous words of George Bush..."Not gu-nna duh it."

ACK, more questions...I need to rip out my hair now.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


...Venti Mocha...that's it. This'll hold me over till dinner...not that there isn't enough calories in this already for the rest of my day, but better this than a Mocha Frappucino...however it's only 9 weight watcher points, so it looks like I've got enough points for a nice salad for dinner.

That is as long as I don't start my heinous snacking habits again!!! Zoinks!

And the countdown continues...

So it's April 8th, 39 days pre-wedding, so the countdown is commencing!!! Am I freaking out? You can bet your tweaked keister I am!!! Why do weddings need to be so stressful when it's supposed to be a wonderful and momentous occasion? I thank the lord for Loverboy, he's getting the grunt of it, though I've been trying to go work out when my blood pressure starts to rise when something goes wrong...breathe...just frackin breathe!!!

Okay, so centerpieces are FINALLY completed, finished those up the other day. Last night I completed the bridesmaid bouquets (nothing fancy, girls, but their really cute, and I think they'll look lovely against your dresses, which I can't wait to see!!!), pics will go up tonight or tomorrow...let me know what you think. The favors need to be worked on tonight, even though I've only received 54 responses so far (I haven't even gotten back 1/2 the response cards, and the deadline is April 16th)...oi vay!!! I still need to plan the menu, and figure out what I can throw together. I broke down and asked my Mom if she would be interested in making a sheet cake...yeah, just a sheet cake. We're not doing anything elaborate in the dessert department, no 3 tier gorgeous waterfall cake with the bride and groom on top and layers of fondant and sugared roses with lattice and ribbons...nope. I'd be happy with a giant cupcake cake with the bride and groom sitting on top indian But the cupcake would have to be lemon...that's the only thing. Make it like a giant zinger with raspberry THAT sounds tasty!!!

So enough about food, I'm starving and haven't eating anything other than a small banana and a 100 calorie pack of Lorne Doone cookies.

What else...oh, they messed up Loverboy's suit...actually, they gave him ANOTHER person's suit. Apparently there were 2 people at the same time with similar suits (both black, but the striping and buttons were different) that were getting fitted. The other individual was apparently a large man, but they altered his suit for Loverboy's dimensions...are you kidding me? So either the suit is still at the shop, or they OTHER guy has his suit. So Loverboy had to return the suit, and is waiting to get his back...when that'll be, I have no idea. Thank you Loverboy for doing this weeks BEFORE the wedding!!! The groomsmen have their suits, no problem there.

My girls have their dresses in the works, I can't wait to see you guys!!! My wedding skirt is supposed to be shipped this week, and the flowergirl skirt should follow. I have my top, it's just a matter of whether it flows with the skirt or not (I'm going to need to take some pics without Loverboy around) and if not, find a top that fits pronto!!! I need shoes, I'm making a garter, and I'm making flower clips for our hair (if you gals want) of the blue hibiscuis that's incorporated into the centerpieces and the bouquets...I'll make one or two to see what you gals think. I need a flowergirl top...and thank you to my sis in law who just got her white shoes for easter (score!!!).

What wonderful friend Kat is whoring off her husband Andy to be my bitch for the words, not mine. Andy is an AWESOME photographer starting up his own business, and I am blessed that he is going to be our wedding it's a matter of where do I need him, when do I need him...yada yada yada. My friend Brother S also asked if he could take pics too for his portfolio as well, hey, heck yeah!!! So I've got 2 photographers there, we're borrowing Loverboy's Dad's speakers to hook up to a laptop with tons of music (Linds, I ADORE those CD's you sent me on my b-day, you rock!), I got a bunch of decorations from Big Lots thanks to Lindsey (they had the netting with shells already on them, that's almost exactly what we were going to make, now I just need to add flowers and they are ready to hang...super easy!!!), and we've decided no archway for the dancefloor for the ceremony...just something extra that would be in the way. My friend Angie is loaning us her envelope box (super cute) for the gift table, as well as a cake serving set...both will go back to Ang after so she can save them for her daughters wedding (which hopefully isn't for years since she's only 12!!!). Yeah for recycling wedding stuff!!!

Big upset was the rings...I sent a convo to the indivitual at etsy to see what the status was on the rings last week...apparently he hadn't put up a listing for me to purchase the order, so that meant that he hadn't started MAKING the rings. It was over a month after I talked to him, so needless to say I was little peeved that he didn't even remember talking on the phone for almost an hour about the rings and about what he does, what tools he uses, and how he got started. I know I don't need them NOW, but I'd like to have them in adequate time to make sure they fit and are what we want BEFORE the wedding, and not have to wait last minute in case we do need to look elsewhere...GRRRRRR!!!! He appologized and said he remembered the conversation, and that he's a little busy right now because of spring and summer weddings...I told him that's why I contacted him in FEBRUARY!!! Lets see if he comes through, these rings better be worth it!!!

So other than that, bridal shower is going on on the 19th, week after Easter. No idea what's going on with that, how am I going to be able to sit while everyone watches me open gifts? I feel like it's going to be like birthdays at my parents house, everyone sits and watches you open presents, then oh's and ah's, or laughs, or in the back of their mind is thinking "Why the heck did she want that?!?!?" Oh well, lol...that's all I've gotta say for that. Plus it's not like we even have the room right now for anything, so looks like stuff is gonna get packed away back in Loverboy's Dad's garage until we redo the kitchen...sigh. Oh lord, please grant me the patience until we redo the kitchen and I have space to actually work with a stove that doesn't smell like gas sometimes, and space that I can actually put everything in the cabinets instead of on the counter, or on the washer and dryer.

So that's that. I'm drained just writing, and I have no idea what I just wrote!!! I've spewed anything that's come out of my fingers at the I think I'm going to go to Starbucks for some caffiene...and maybe a cookie. I'd like a cookie. Not that I NEED a cookie. Perhaps a scone then...but I don't like scones really, but I've never had a scone from Starbucks...maybe I should just get some coffee and lunch...but then what am I going to have for lunch? Shall I eat healthy...I have to since I had a Cinabon, I still feel sick from that Cinabon yesterday. Note to more Cinabon's...why am I aimlessly ranting...I dunno, my brain is on overdrive and my fingers are taking over to remove it from what's left upon my noggin atop my shoulders...maybe I should do water day, I feel like crap right now...but my stomach is talking to me, like in that episode of Seinfeld " la la"...welcome to my world, this is how my brain is 24/7...I'm out...need substance.