Friday, April 17, 2009


Yup, I said it. Meh. It's a crappy day. I'm stuck listening to an online webconference about a study that I'm apparently doing well on (and all these questions people are asking are just reworded from what the patient previously just asked!!!). I'm going on 47 minutes of wanting to rip out my hair!!!

48 minutes....

So today is a list of things I get to do today:
-get off work at 1pm (whoo-hoo)
-start jumping rope (see video: )
-take pups for a walk/run
-finish up on wedding bouquet (bridesmaids bouquets are done...I'll send pics tonight)
-work on wall hangings with Loverboy (he did such a wonderful job with the other one!!!)
-start working on wedding music files (yeah, haven't started them yet, but need to sit down with Loverboy so we're not playing Slayer or Incubus)
-clean out fridge and put together healthy meals for the next couple of days
-clean out Blazer to go help friend move tomorrow
-do Biggest Loser workout and have Jillian kick my arse
-stop buying crappy "diet" foods, and learn how to eat normal, healthy, and organic foods (stop buying 100 calorie packs or fat free foods...majority tastes like crap, and it's pricey!!!)
-finish laundry and put away loaded dishwasher from last night
-start working on seating chart and writing out table placecards (at least names until seating chart completed)
-pay bills
-rebudget wedding stuff (and why didn't we do this at the start of the idea, we're just winging it here, maybe not the best thing to do, but we're getting by okay)
-post more stuff on etsy (I need some spending cash)'s they've said with all the questions, this meeting is going on until 12:30pm. Yeah, that's not gonna happen!

11:06am...can I not strangle people for asking so many questions? Thank you operator lady for coming on and saying all other questions will be addressed in writing due to being WAY late on the continuation of the study review.

Oh well, things will get done eventually...surprisingly I'm not so stressed about the wedding lately, which is a good thing, and I'm becoming more laid back with what's going...not as laid back as Loverboy, who comes home and plays his video games again without worrying about wedding plans, but less than I was before. Maybe my brain is just saying to go with the flow, freaking out never helped anyone....though procrastination is a strong point of mine. In the infamous words of George Bush..."Not gu-nna duh it."

ACK, more questions...I need to rip out my hair now.

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