Saturday, April 18, 2009

Are you frackin kidding me?

Okay, yeah, the shitith has hitith the least in my book. So Loverboy's Mom calls to see how things are going , asks what the dress looks like, and wants to know if we've found her a hotel/motel close by so she can visit with us during the wedding. Okay, fine, we said we'd find something close and cheap, and we're trying, but when someone has a budget of $50 or less a night for a room, it's pretty damn hard...even Priceline declined my offer. So that's not the reason for this little rant.

Loverboy's Mom has never been much of one saving money (and don't get me started of her saying how she was "in debt" after she lived with us free of charge for 3 months while looking for a local job about 2 years ago) and is horrible with her impulse buys...and alcohol...and cigarette addictions. So she's trying to find a hotel online for around $50 a night, and can't find any. So she asks us to help, and apparently someone I'm the one trying to find a place for her to stay. She's coming in 2 days before the wedding and leaving the Monday after. Ok, 5 day stay, then she's flying back home.

So I was letting her know what was going on, then how I didn't know how much we would see her on that Thurs night because we were doing the "jack and jill"(bachelor/bachelorette party)...and then staying the night out at a hotel and not coming home till the next morning. Friday night was the rehearsal dinner, and then we'd see her at the wedding. Well she asked if she was invited to the jack and jill, and I started laughing and said no, but she could come to the rehearsal dinner on Friday night. Then I asked her if she wanted to go to the jack and jill, just to see what she'd say (lord knows parents are NOT allowed to the bachelor/bachelorette party...unless you have that type of relationship with your folks...we do not), and she was all for it if there were strippers there. Um...I think I just threw up a little in my mouth...Loverboy's Mom, drinking, and strippers is NOT my idea of a good time. So I explained that we weren't having strippers, and that we were going to a bar that we went to for my birthday to play was something I wanted to do, and after my b-day, Loverboy said he wanted to go there too for his bachelor party...hence now the jack and jill.

So then Loverboy's Mom started saying why should she come out if we're not even going to get to see her (while I'm STILL trying to find her a hotel/motel room online) and that now she may have to change her flight information...we're still going to have to pick her up from the airport, so what the hell? I was getting to a breaking point, so I passed the phone off to Loverboy, I couldn't talk to that woman. So he's talking to her, and then he said something like "You can come to the party, I don't know why Dawn would say that." He said he'd call her back, then came to find me and find out why the heck I passed off the phone and took off. He was also trying to find out why I didn't want him Mom coming to the jack and jill. I apologized for pawning off the phone, but I was frustrated with trying to help her, then she wanting to invite herself to everything, and I'm sorry that she's coming early, but I've got a lot of stuff and I didn't feel that I wanted to babysit her when she was in's not like I don't have enough stuff on my plate! Also, she's still expecting ME (not him, not the Internet, not God himself) to find her a cheap hotel room...who knows what's going to happen then...then she had said that with the money for the flight, and if she's got to put down $300-400 for a hotel stay, either she won't be able to stay as long as she wanted, or she won't be able to get us a wedding gift. I told you, she's not one for saving, and I told her we didn't need a gift as long as she was coming, that was good enough. Loverboy didn't know she'd said those things, I should've told her I'd call her back after talking to Loverboy. But what really upset me was that she wanted to come to the jack and jill (and this is what I explained to Loverboy) and if she did, she would be spending money and be drinking, she's LOUD when she drinks and wants to be everyones friend (then she'll stab you in the back when you least expect it, speaking from experience), she was already complaining about money so why spend money out and about for drinking rather than saving it for the hotel room...and she doesn't know the area. If she follows us, she wouldn't be able to find her way back. If she came WITH us, we are NOT sharing a hotel room with that woman...and don't even THINK about paying for her for the night in her own room, let alone see if anyone else staying would take her in, not for free at least. Loverboy then understood why I had told her that she wasn't invited. Now she's upset and is going to try to come in on that Friday instead of Thursday...and even when she comes into town, she's borrowing one of our cars!!! Seriously, this woman is getting everything handed to her on a silver platter, I swear! I'm not looking at hotels anymore, I'm gonna go tomorrow after the bridal shower to see what's in the long as it's not a roach motel, I think she'll be fine....otherwise she's on her own...I can't perform miracles! Yeah, this is just want I needed...drama...and here I was doing so well?

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Lindsey said...

Dawn, this is NOT your problem. It is NOT your job to find her a room or whatever. She has access to a computer, all local libraries have them, she can find her own damn hotel rooms. Seriously, don't let this stress you out. Tell Loverboy that if she needs help, this is HIS job as her spawn.