Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Shamrock Shuffle...and beer

Yup, I did it. I signed up for my first race...not so much a race, but I'm going to be running. Yup, March 29th, 2009...which gives me over 9 weeks to start training. The Shamrock Shuffle can either be an 8K run, or a 5K walk...and the cool thing is that if I don't think I can handle a 5 mile run, then I can always bump myself down to do the walk...whoo-hoo! Incentive? Apparently beer drink tickets after the race, just what I want to do, run then drink, then hurl...sounds like a grand time, dontcha think?

So doing weight watchers, didn't lose any weight this past week, but didn't gain any either. It keeps snowing, so I'm peeved that I can't go out and start running outside yet. Found out that the Village has a Community Center, it's $25 for a 2 year membership....yup, that sounds good to me. Only deal is that it's only open past 4 pm 3 days a week, and it's not open on the weekends...oh well, at least I can get 3 days in of working out...and for $25, I'm not going to complain. Plus that gives me incentive to use some of my vacation days to take a day here or there off and sneak in some extra training...then again, I have no idea what this place looks like, on the website there's a couple of treadmills that have elderly people on them...maybe I should look into this place more before I join...

So that's the latest and the greatest. Looking to clean out the storage facility this weekend so we can save an extra $159 a month (and here I thought we were going to be almost done with the floor in the living room/dining room...we haven't even started!!!) that can go towards bills, and I'm praying for my W-2 to come in the mail so I can either knock out bills, or put it towards the wedding (which I'm sure it'll go partial for both). I'm also heading to Miami for a day and a half next week, I'm not a big fan where I fly in the day of the meeting, then the next day when the meetings end I'm back on a flight to come home...at least I don't have anything planned that weekend, and I'm not going to. Loverboy will either have to do the laundry, or learn how to make underwear out of hand towels...and if he wants a dish he'll have to wash it cause I'm hiding the paper plates (TOTAL cop out if ya ask me).

It's snowing upwards, but then again, I see all kinds of crazy weather patterns on the 27th floor of a Chicago high rise...the only time I'm not a fan is when there's 30+ mile wind gusts that literally sway the building (and the faster the gusts, the more the building shakes)...freaks me out.

Hopefully within the next 3 months that'll change. Goal? To find a job right before the wedding, give my 2 weeks notice so I'm done the week before the wedding, get married, then start the new job and new life about a week or 2 after. Hey, I'm saving up all this vacation time for a reason, nice going away paycheck...I get paid for unused vacation time, just not personal or sick time..so those are all used up. Right now I've got about 103 hours right now, that's over 2 1/2 weeks right now...even if I use up a day here and there, I'm still guaranteed, by the time I leave, almost 3 weeks in pay. Yeah, nice little nest egg which can either be used for time off or for the wedding again...I'm thinkin ahead.

I need a nap, I'm thinkin' too much these days...

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Lindsey said...

Yay! Good for you! I hate running, but I'm too scared I'd fall down in a bike race and other bikes would run me over.

I'm sure you'll do great in the run and on your WW diet! Can't wait to see you in May!