Friday, January 9, 2009

Funky Friday!!!

Well, not really, but it sounded like a good title at the time. So it's Friday, I've got about an hour of work left, and I'm on airport run for a friend of mine out to O'Hare tonight. Send pleasant thoughts that the snow doesn't send all the idiots my way that don't know how to handle've lived in this state for how many years and you still don't know how to drive in the snow? If you can't drive your Beemer, Hummer, or whatever the heck the popular car is these days, then stay'll save a bunch of people from getting a migraine from yelling at your stupid keister, and save yourself the cost of a tow truck taking you out of that ditch cause you thought it was okay to continue to drive 70 even though even the truckers were going 50.

Okay, enough vent.

I saw one of the most disgusting, yet most intriguing things on the way to work the other day. This could seriously be a separate blog all together of the crap I see...from peeing homeless guys, to fecal matter in the street, to dirty diapers being flung out of car my latest encounter. On the bridge, under Michigan Avenue, were the ripped wings of a pigeon just laying there like nobody's business. That wasn't the disturbing part, the thing that really caught my attention, and an iron stomach to not hurl at the moment, was that the wings had been placed in a perfect pattern. They were positioned and placed together about 4 inches apart as if the bird was previously in flight, almost like angel wings when they're completely outstretched. Now if you've got a queasy stomach, stop right here, because I'm going to say something that's kinda could tell that someone knew what they were doing by the way the bones in the wings were intact. They were ripped perfectly from the ball and socket joint, you could see the bone and then the feathers of the wing...again, I try to stop the heaves that are a commin...

This was as disturbing to me as watching the floating grocery bag in American Beauty...why is it there, how did it get there, and why am I strangely staring at it and wondering what happened? I almost took a picture, but thought it morbid...seriously, that's not normal, right? Don't worry, I'm not going all artsy fartsy on ya's...just one of my many eff-d up daily Chicago encounters.

So that's that, who tears off the wings of a pigeon? Did he eat the rest for lunch? Bleah...not tasty, and I'll never know since I'm not keen on eating pigeon unless I have to hunt for it (and we know THAT ain't gonna happen)...what kick puppy does that, then leaves the wings outstretched where people like myself walk by it? May I never witness that again.

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Sarah McBride said...

ugh that is disturbing. who would do that to a bird?