Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goodbye 2008...

I say goodbye to 2008 with bells on, this has been one hell of a year! Plus, just out of spite, good ol' 2008 had one more kick in the pants to give me before the year was up...

The day after Christmas (Dec 26th) I'd gone to Sam's Club to stock up on Mountain Dew for Loverboy (who basically drinks it like it's going out of style...but hey, he gets stuff done around the house, so who cares, right?) and ended up getting a flat tire in the parking lot. May all you older men watching a woman in sweats, kneeling in an inch of thawed iceberg water, be pummeled for not assisting a damsel in distress changing a tire...though one guy did stop by, but only after he had finished his cigarette at the time where I was just taking the tire off to put the new one on...hey, at least there was effort. So I dropped by to see Loverboy to see if the tire was shot, or if he could plug it up and then swap it back with the spare to put it back under the car (yes, with the Blazer, the tire is under the car...and difficult to access when needed...speaking from experience). So as the tire is being put back under the car, I decided to put the manual back in the glovebox. Mind you, the truck is by the lift, the machine that lifts the car/truck so you can either put back on a tire comfortably, or work under the automobile comfortably. So I put the book in the glovebox, take a step back to close the thing you know I'm on the floor. I jump back up, look around to see who witnessed my once again graceful rendition of non-swan lake, and then looked to see what had aided me in my newest klutz act. The lift arms...they were pushed outwards out of the way so the car could be driven away from the lift. My right wrist was throbbing, my left foot felt like a nail was thrust through it...more on that later...I seriously don't know who's side of the family I get this from, when I find out, I'm going to punch them in the kidney.

So weekend comes and goes, I'm lethargic and do nothing but watch TV, read emails, and keep my foot up. Monday I'm in pain, so I call to see a doc and get x-rays. "We want you to see an orthopaedic surgeon, apparently you have a detatched 4th digit in your left foot". Detatched? As in dislocation? The wrist was fine, just sprained (thank goodness, but still sucky for workin on the computer and lifting a gallon of milk). So it's end of the month, end of the year, I can't take a day off to save my life, but if I don't, then I won't get seen for 2 weeks. Fine, I'll take off NYE...ah, a 5 day weekend!!! Office is closed New Years day, and we all decided to use vacation time and close down on Friday for an extended holiday. So go to the docs yesterday...yeah, I've got a break in the 4th digit towards the middle of my left foot, but there's nothing they can do not only because of the location, but it's apparently already healing...either I'm Wonder Woman in the healing department, or it's a stress fracture that happened prior to my fall on Friday...who knows. All I know is I took a day off for a 15 minute visit with the doc who gave me a brace for my still sore wrist, said there's nothing they can do with my foot, and told me to come back if it's still hurting in about a month. Wow, really? The doc the day before couldn't tell that the bone was healing up in the x-ray? Gotta love the medical system.

So yeah, 2008 got one more "stick it to the klutz" before the end of the year...I've decided to find someone who can exorcise Loverboy and I and our house so as to help prevent injuries in 2009. Here's what we've dealt with this past year...

March: Loverboy has knee surgery and is off work for 6 weeks.
April: Stupid girl hit me in Loverboy's truck, totalling the truck and sending me to the ER for x-rays. Loverboy almost knocks himself unconscious working on pipes in the attic...has a goose egg on his head for a couple of weeks.
May: Fell through friends 2nd floor bedroom to 1st floor bathroom (I've still got scar tissue healing in my right elbow).
June: Finally find out with doc #3 that there are tears in my left shoulder, surgery is scheduled for the end of July.
July: Surgery is scheduled for middle of August due to doc going on vacation. Find out it's not good to try to go swimming with a messed up shoulder. Loverboy screws up knee overdoing it on a friends jetski while on vacation. I have to drop from the nursing program due to the surgery in August, and have to reapply to be eligible for August of 2009.
August: Shoulder surgery on Wednesday the 13th, but end up with a sore throat the morning going into surgery. I'm a pain with a cold and dealing with lack of shoulder function, though I do do laundry the 2nd day after therapy. I'm sure Loverboy was rethinking the marriage proposal after that time. Off work 6 weeks.
September: We were actually lucky here, knock on wood.
October: The motherload! Loverboy thinks his foot is broken, x-rays say sprain, but he's hobbling for 3 weeks. Loverboy's Aunt has quadruple bypass surgery. Loverboy's Dad ends up in the hospital with multiple stomach ulcers and extreme blood loss. I feed Dad for 3 weeks so he can regain his strength and see what he can eat without pain. Inspires Dad to start cooking healthy for himself.
November: I think we were okay here too...
December: Loverboy fractures his 4th toe (the toe part) on his computer chair due to the dog kicking it towards him. I get sick for 2 weeks (badly) after coming back from an investigator meeting in California. I then proceed to injure my right wrist and left foot the day after Christmas, leading to finding out that I've got a broken 4th digit by the joint in the middle of my foot which they can do nothing about. And I've finally gotten back down to my presurgery weight.

2008 also brought gas prices up the nose, company payouts due to the ecomomy sucking, Blagojevich getting arrested (go Illinois), Obama being elected for President, thousands of people losing their jobs, stores going out of business, stores closing (my Michaels craft store is closing, I'm pissed),

So 2008, you can suck it for all I care. I'm done with you and all your problems. I'm welcoming 2009 with open arms. What do you have to offer? Here's a few things I hope:

A new job closer to home.
Reapplying for the nursing program for August of 2009.
Getting married in May.
Getting the sink back in the bathroom (it's been out since Feb I think).
Putting down hardwood floors in the living room.
Putting in a fireplace and new headers in the living room.
Not getting hurt. At all. Period. I'm not joking...

So that's that. I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve, Loverboy and I just relaxed at home, making fun of the drunkards on TV in New York, and watching Bon Jovi in concert on one of the HD was a nice relaxing night. But hugs out to ya, and may 2009 bring you happiness, hope, and prosperity. God bless.

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Sarah McBride said...

Oh my dear friend. What a year you have had.
But remember, the Lord gives you trials because he loves you and wants you to learn a lesson.(although you would think he could find a less painful way to do it.)

good luck and may 2009 be sunshine and roses and all things good.
Looking forward to may!