Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby it's cold outside....

You better believe it!!! OH, and I unfortunately feel like I freaked others out, so my Meme has been revised...didn't mean to be too personal, I had lots a brewin' last night. Imagine what else I could've written if I had had anything to drink!!!! Bleah, no thanks...

So yeah, coming home from work, the thermometer in my car shows -12 as the temp outside. Negative 12 degrees, yup, my car has never shown me a negative temperature before, I had to take a second glance while hitting the breaks and not giving a gentle nudge to the person in front of me. Yowza!!!

So it's a happy day. Happy why? It was fullfilling. I got a bunch done at work, getting a dentist appt for Loverboy somewhere in our area code (I don't know why we would drive 45 minutes to see some guy the guys he works with go to), I'm way under points (11 so far actually) but I'm super full and was only hungry enough for half of my new turkey veggie concocxion burger with tater tots and a 8oz Sierra Mist. Think I'm going to start changing out tortillas for huge romaine lettuce leaves, work just as well, no points, better for ya, and gettin the greens in for the day. Woot!

Tomorrow I get to leave early from work, and Saturday I get to meet up with a friend and check out some bridal dresses to get ideas I can touch rather than just look at something online (and I love my girls for helping me out and sending me all those wonderful links). Yeah, it's been a good day. Here's to many more good days in 2009.

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