Thursday, April 24, 2008

Things that irritate me

Okay, I've been seeing a lot of this going around lately, so I'm going to throw my 2 cents in on things that irritate me...and this will have many things relating to the bathroom...

-Being left "stranded" in the bathroom without toilet stand to pee, leave me some comfort.

-People that talk on their cellphones while in public bathrooms. I'm sorry, I don't want to know what you ate for lunch cause I'm smelling it down the other end of the stalls!!! I flush for good measure just to make them shut up and cover the phone.

-People who PEE on the what is this? If you have to hover, at least you could cover the rest of the seat with toilet paper...or better yet, hover with the seat up! You'll have more space to aim.

-Stereos in cars that you can hear a mile down the road. I'm sorry, I don't want to hear "Smack that" while I'm in my house doing laundry, and if I did, I'd put on the radio myself. This isn't a dance party, and it is NOT your job to be the DJ for the neighborhood.

-When you bring back the car with the gas gauge on E with the light on. How hard is it to at least put in $5 or $10 of gas in the car...wait, gas is already $3.79 a gallon. I take that back...I'm peeved about the price of gas! There's no reason you have to choose between filling up your car or filling up your fridge.

-Now I'm all for eating healthy, but do NOT get on me for eating meat! Yes, I eat meat, I'm a carnivore, I'm not a bad person for doing it. Do not criticize me for eating meat when you walk around in leather boots and have a mink fur coat. I will not go vegetarian, let alone vegan, and I do not force ill will against you for not eating meat. I will sit here and eat what I want, when I want, how I want. I don't get on your case for eating a ton of veggies and having methane leaks that would make a bovine's eyes THAT'S not healthy! You're destroying the ozone with those veggie farts! And don't even think about eating broccoli around me. Good lord!

-People that race to get in front of you when 2 lanes merge, then feel the need to go under the speedlimit! Come on now, that's just enough to get the road rage going for EVERYONE behind you, not just me.

-Speaking of driving, older people that drive while looking through the steering wheel! Granny, you need another phone book to sit on.

-People who sneeze into their hand, then try to shake yours. That's just plain nasty!

-Mother's who let their kids run rampant in a store screaming and carrying on like a tornado. My mother used to threaten us by saying she'd take down our pants and spank us in the middle of the store. It took one time, and we behaved like angels from then on. Spank your kids bare butts in public, they'll learn who's boss.

So that's enough to get off my chest tonight, anyone with anything else to add, please feel free!

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Anonymous said...

Veggie farts, haha!