Sunday, March 30, 2008

How time flies...and some pet peeves...

Wow, I can't believe that it's almost April! Where has this time gone?!?!? Maybe it's because we're still in the mix for getting snow again this weekend. The next person who tells me we've got flurries on the way is going to get a knuckle sandwich!!!

So, what's been going on here...the man had knee surgery about a week ago. Torn meniscus, and he'd torn it not once, but twice!!! First time was last summer while working on the roof (probably the same time I messed up my shoulder and I think when I broke my left collarbone, which was found in an x-ray this past fall and didn't know I did it). That roof I swear was almost the death of us both!!! But he's doing better, he's been walking around since right after the surgery! Get this, the doc even called later on that night to see how he was doing!!! Who does that? Yeah, I'll definately be going to check out that place when I go get my shoulder checked out again.

The house is still in disarray, and actually went through a bunch of clothes that had been put on the couch after the closets were being cleaned out or fixed. I got rid of 7...yes, 7...bags of clothes that were either too small or old or no longer anything we felt we'd wear. Found that while going through the clothes on the couch, apparently we'd had some "guests" leave some presents on the couch as well. Yup, apparently the mice had come down from the attic and decided to check out the piles on the couch as well. I can't wait till we get the apolstry cleaner and give the couch a multi-cleaning...and then actually be able to sit on it for the first time in almost 6 months! The goal this summer is to redo the floors in the front bedroom area and living room (since the wall was torn down, it's now one huge living room in the front of the house) by leveling the floors, finishing the walls, repainting everything, putting in hardwood floors, putting in new ceiling fans (which were damaged last year when the roof was in the process and we basically had a waterfall coming in the living room and the bedroom through the fans from the holes in the roof) and finally finishing it off with a fireplace. Yeah, I think that'll be enough to do this summer!!! What do you think?

What else...I've got the HESI test this coming Thursday (pre-nursing test) and everyone I know is either freaking out about it because it's coming up, or are freaking out about it because they didn't do as well as they wanted to on it. I'm not worried though, it's just a pre test, and if I don't make it, then I'll find anyother place to take classes, or hey, maybe I'll take a year off, or take a class that I'd eventually need for my bachelors (yeah...that's a while away, so I'm not even going to START thinking about that at the moment).

Hmmm....been working overtime at work to make up for my better half being off with his knee. All I know is when he's back at work, it's my turn to get my shoulder checked out...and hey, if I'm off for a couple days or a week, then so be it.

Still have no idea about the wedding...everything's kinda on hold until I find out what's going on with the nursing program. Most likely it'll be around August of 2009, but then again, who knows WHAT is going to happen.

Got myself a workout bench and some weights to start...or should I say get in shape. Loverboy has actually been using them everyday, which I'm happy for. Plus he can use it when they give him the okay when he can do more stretching for physical therapy for his knee. Me? I need to get myself into a schedule and get in gear. Think of it as stress therapy, which I've been having a lot of lately. Speaking of, my sweet man actually drew me a bath last night and told me to relax. Not only did he draw the bath, he set up music AND put a candle in there!!! Have I been extra catty lately and he wanted to calm me down? I dunno, maybe, but I could seriously start to get used to that!

What else...getting a C right now in Microbiology. I cannot wait till the end of the semester, then I'll finally have a break for the summer!!! I've been going to school nonstop since the fall of 2006, including taking a summer class. Yeah, no more summer classes, unless it's pottery or metalwork! I need to keep that grade, but I'd like to at least get by with a B by the end of the semester. Well see what happens.

Had a bit of a breakdown and had 3 cigarettes last weekend. It was that, or running out to pick up a gallon of ice cream. I was trying to do too much in too little time. I've realized that I don't need to get everything done RIGHT NOW, but that I can take my time for certain things, and get what NEEDS to be done complete first. You can believe me that I won't do that again, I felt horrible the next morning and I kick myself for starting in the first place!

So that's what's going much to do, so little time, and so much time spent at work and with commuting. Now onto some pet peeves for the week:

If you're in a contest at work, pay your fees up front. Don't get mad when I ask you for the fees 6 weeks after the contest has begun, and then ask me to pay your fee and tell me I'm "thirsty" for your money. I'm not a personal bank, and if this was a contest done elsewhere, you wouldn't even be in the contest if you took over a week to pay the fine.

If you feel the need to pull out in front of me in your car, don't slow down to under the speed limit. Not only are you going to peeve me off, but the people behind me as well...and that's when the honking begins.

Don't give me a dirty look when the elevator comes to my floor and it's going down and unfortunately you're going up. It's not my fault...blame the elevator gods.

I will beat the next person I catch who feels the need to kill my mailbox with a bat.

Watch your kids when you're in a store...ANY store. We, the other customers, are not personal babysitters to discipline your kid when they feel the need to start a) throwing things, b) trying to open boxes of something to eat, c) tell your kid to move out of the way or not walk into your significant others butt because they're not looking (yes, just happened when we were both out and about today). Oh, and if you can't handle your kids, leave them at home or with a family member!

No, I do not want to "make his member bigger", or take a dietary pill/patch/supplement to help me lose weight, or receive anykind of payment from anyone who I do not know (though it would be nice), and I did not enter the UK lottery so I know I did not WIN the UK lottery. So stop sending me crappy emails!!!

So that's my yapping for the moment. It's actually 2:30am on Sunday morning. No, I have not stayed up the entire day, I did take a 2 hour nap earlier so I'm at the point where that's wearing out. So thanks for dealing with another day in my life, and I'll write more later. Maybe I'll write more later on today about what I wanna do with the garden? Now THAT'S what I'm waiting start getting the garden prepped for the growing season! Hugs, and have a wonderful day!

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