Sunday, May 18, 2008

OMG, I just went to the Goodwill over in Orland Park, IL and spent $48 on 12 shirts, a pair of mens dark blue cordoroy pants (for me), a bud vase, a small glass vase, 2 green glass bowls, an 8 pack of those wicker plate holders (we used those all the time when we were kids, and getting the cheaper paper plates and using those holders is a LOT cheaper than buying the chinet heavy duty plates all the time), a cute wire basket with heart handles, a round asian looking basket that I can put stuff in...seriously, why am I spending money on new stuff when I could be buying new to me stuff? Geez, people are like that with cars, why aren't more people like that with discount shops and thrift store? I know some people are, but I'm kicking myself in the keister on why last weekend I went out with a friend shopping and I got 2 shirts and some earrings for $75...$75!!! I wanna smack myself! But then again, everytime I've gone to a thrift store, I've found crap. THIS time I went to the Goodwill over in Orland Park...ritzy-ier area...they had some really nice stuff, and anything with a green tag was 50% off!!!

Did you know Goodwill has a store card now? Club Goodwill...5% off any purchase of $20 or more every day, you get a 25% off birthday coupon, 10% off for students on Saturdays (I'll have to update my student ID card), discount coupons by mail, AND advanced notification of sales and promotions!!! I still couldn't believe it!!! Then again it was a madhouse, and all I did was go there to pick up some big t-shirts in the guys department to wear when I was working outside or hanging out around the house, and I found some nice stuff I could wear to work! I should have just thrown that money away from last weekend...but then again the 2 shirts I got were nice, and those were definately work shirts...sigh.

But looks like I'll be looking for a new job in the next month or so...I won't be able to work downtown with a schedule that consists of 3 days of classes in the morning till noon...and that's not counting a 6 hour clinical. So yeah, an afternoon job/night job where I'm closer to home and looks like I may be working weekends unless I can find something during the week that I can do fulltime.

So the man ended up finding a cap for his truck from an ebay auction for $400, they're regularly $1200 new!!! So turns out it was over in Ohio, not too far from his Mom, so he drove out last night to pick up the cap today and help his Mom out with some stuff that she needs to have moved or taken apart...she's moving next weekend so the fact that he was going out there this weekend anyways was perfect! Plus we're going to be watching one of her 2 cats, but Max is great with Goofy...I even offered that we'd take Max when she said she was looking to find a place for them to stay until she found a place closer to the place she got a job transfer to. Sweet cheeks'll be coming back tomorrow night with Max and the new cap on his truck.

Man, I'm exhausted! I can't believe all the stuff I got done this weekend! Matt finally showed me how to use the riding mower, and aside from getting it stuck on the side of one of the trees and getting it stuck in the back compost area, it wasn't too shabby! I also filled in the hole in the front by the driveway where the truck put a hole when it went into the grass when spring started and the yard was still really wet and moveable, I filled in patches in the yard with a seed patch filler (plus it's made with recycled paper, so that was a plus in my book), cut down some of the branches that got in my way when mowing from the willow tree, yanked down dead branches from the willow, planted the rest of the wave petunias, got some tomato, cucumber, banana pepper, and basil plants from Ron's Market to plant once I have the time, I went to a cool farmers market in St. John Indiana where I got local honeycomb, and wildflower honey and some really cool smelling wax melts (french vanilla, chili vanilla, and a sweet orange with chili pepper), picked up some miracle grow dirt for the planters and the garden, and some topsoil for the patches and holes in the yard, picked up some seeds to plant this week so I can put them in the garden by the end of the month (Bush Blue lake beans, oregano, lemon basil, lettuce, and burpees stringless green beans)...what else...I dragged a bunch of the brush from the back to a pile in the front for the city collection...burned a bunch of wood from the house, and picked up a lot of the drywall that was thrown in the dog yard last fall that's falling apart and crumbling due to being outside all winter...I can only fill a garbage can 1/4 full with the drywall since it's so heavy from holding water...what else...went to Goodwill where I was thrilled at my finds, while in the area called my friend Ang because I still had a silver deviled egg tray in my truck from her bridal shower a little over a week ago, and she gave me back the eyepillows that she had at the spa she was working at...apparently they went out of business and Friday was the last day...and she found out on Friday that that was going to be the last fun I tell ya.

But it's 11:18 and I seriously need to take a shower before I hit the hay and get up at 5am for work...maybe Matt should leave more often, I don't remember a time when I've gotten so much stuff done in one weekend!!! Hope you all had a great weekend, and talk more soon!!!

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Sarah McBride said...

seriouly LOVE goodwill.
always go to the GW in the ritzier areas, you fnd the best deals!