Monday, March 2, 2009

So I survived another birthday...

First of all, sorry to everyone that I've been MIA, there has been SO much going on in the past couple of weeks from almost quitting my job, to working overtime, to relatives in the hospital, to relatives passing away, to getting out wedding invitations, to errands and then some, and wedding dress shopping (which is still nill right now, I need to crack down NOW on this).

So Loverboy's Grandpa passed away after a grueling couple of months of alzheimers, head contusions from falling out of his wheelchair, to strokes, to seizures, then blood problems due to the seizure medication...they let him go last Thursday night after giving him morphine, removing the feeding tubes, medication tubes, and saline. He went quickly and quietly, just like he'd been asking them to do the past couple of weeks. Loverboy is a little upset since he really didn't have a relationship with his Grandpa, apparently the Grandparents didn't have much of a relationship with any of the Grandkids...that just urks me.

My Grandma ended up in the hospital over a week ago (found out via email from my Mom), but is home now. She's a little shaky, but doing well. Loverboy's Grandma also ended up back in the hospital 2 weeks after having kidney stenting due to a hiatal hernia. Doc told her to wear a girdle and come back when she could due to her husbands passing (Loverboy's Mom has been calling us with all the details).

What else...we were having septic problems (no, we're not lucky enough to have the city put sewers by us) due to all the snow, and melting, and was nutso!

Survived another birthday, we're gonna celebrate next Friday with drunken volleyball at North Beach. Drinking starts at 7pm, volleyball starts from 9-10pm...Loverboy is my DD (finally I can go out and drink and have an escort!!!) It was a low key weekend, got the majority of the invitations done (they're in the mail ladies), relaxed on Saturday night with junk food and watching Battlestar on Sci-Fi, and went to bed early. Sunday went to my folks to celebrate the Feb birthdays...Loverboy, sis in law, brother, and me. My little bro was in there too since we weren't able to celebrate his b-day in Jan (that was the night that our parents met his fiance's parents...they're getting married in September). Came home after playing Pictionary for an hour, relaxed, and went to bed early so I could get in today early to get files cleaned up for a monitor who's coming to review them tomorrow morning. Plus I have to leave at 3pm to catch a train to go for a 5pm dentist appt...never a dull moment!

Man, I can't wait till I work closer to home, the search will start within the next month and a half, goal is still to leave this job before the wedding so I can save all the vacation time when I quit, nice little amount of time saved up. Right now I've got 101 hours saved up (that's about a week and a half right now). I'm taking off 2 days next week, but that'll still leave me with 2 weeks, plus whatever I accumulate between now and yeah, a nice little cushion to hold on to. Plus with the days worth of sick time I've got saved up, I'd need to use that since they don't pay out on sick time. So that's a freebie off day between now and then too...just hope I don't need to take the day off for actually being sick (but then again, I rarely do that anyways...I'll take my DayQuil and tough it out).

So that's that...another year here, another year gone, not too exciting. This week I need to either find a dress, or purchase a gorgeous skirt I found on etsy, then find a top to go with it.

If I get that skirt, I'm going to get this skirt for my niece (who's my flowergirl):

And then find her either a leotard with beading and sparkles on top, or I'll make her something with sparkles and jewels on it.

Other than that, still working on the favors (almost done), need to find out about food, need to push Loverboy to get the suit, as well as his groomsmen...the hotel rooms are booked, the hall is booked, decorations are in the process once I get measurements from the hall (need to do that this week hopefully), I'm gonna meet up with Loverboy's cousin's wife to go over centerpieces (she used to be a florist and will charge for supplies only, and I've got a good idea for that too) it's all a work in progress. Unfortunately, I still have a bridezilla contacting me if I need help with planning or finding a do you politely tell her to back off and that you don't care what she wants, it's not her wedding and you don't value ANY of her input...and that she's a major B and you want nothing to do with her, and you're only inviting her because of her husband, who's a friend of yours? Hm....that'd be an interesting Hallmark card, I can tell ya that!

Oh well, take care, and I hope to write back sooner than later!

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Lindsey said...

Still love that skirt.

Still waiting for pictures from the volleyball. :)