Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Leave it to my Mom to make me feel like crap...once again.

So I got a call from my brother to see what date we were going to pick for the group birthdays: my sis in law, brother, Loverboy, me, and my little brother who's birthday was in Jan. I had talked to my sis in law about 2 weeks ago and we decided it'd be nice to do it on a Sunday since Loverboy worked on Saturdays and we wanted to include him. I told sis in law to double check with brother to see if it worked, then let me know and I could talk with little bro to see if it jived. Well, got an email from my Mom yesterday (apparently she had talked to sis in law on Friday and said they were going to do it on Saturday the 28th), and I said to talk to sis in law since it was up to them.

So the call was brother saying they didn't want to be in charge of choosing the birthdate since Mom had said that they wanted to do it on the 28th (my actual b-day), and that Sunday didn't "work" for them. In other words, my father, the martini man, would not be in good spirits or would be intoxicated by the time we'd get there. They asked me to choose the date, I said March 1st, Sunday, and if they were going to do it on Saturday, I wasn't going to make it because Loverboy should be there too...sis in law said it's only one day and that martini man and Mom should just suck it up, I wholeheartedly agree.

So I call Mom to confirm the date, she says she's not thrilled with Sunday due to the drinking, and that Saturday would work for them. I tried to explain that Loverboy, who's been working Saturday afternoons for the past year, wouldn't be able to make it and we want to be able to celebrate his birthday too. She said she was tired of the "cat and mouse game" that was going on trying to figure out the date, no one's had a problem with a Sunday except for her, and then I tried to explain that there's 5 of us this year deciding what day it's going to be...everyone else has their own birthday/birthday month...it's just Feb is now packed with birthdays (also including my niece, but she gets her own princess party day). She asked what we're having for lunch (someone usually chooses), I said little bro is in charge and would let her know...he got screwed on his Jan birthday, so he gets to pick. Cake? Sis in law and brother are in charge of that...I'm easing up on the sweets as it is anyways...she'll get an email from them. So THEN she gives this massive sigh, says she's gotta go, love ya, then hangs up. She hung up on me...me, the messenger trying to figure out what was going on for the birthdays. I'd rather not even go over there anymore, this seems to be a big hassle to her, and I'm sorry that we can't accomodate a Sunday alcoholic (not that everyday isn't alcohol day, but Sunday is martini day), and that there's 5 of us who aren't getting our own day to celebrate our own birthday (I've always celebrated my birthday with my older brother, it was one cake, one dinner...we usually swapped turns on what we wanted to eat per what kind of cake or dessert we wanted every year...now there's 2 more in the mix, and little bro due to an Jan birthday scheduling technicality).

I'm stressed out. I really don't need this from her, but I shouldn't expect anything less. She's always on her tiptoes with that man, he's never going to change, and I'm seriously waiting for his liver or kidneys to go out due to the excessive drinking. And this coming when I'm trying to order invitations for the wedding and skim a source doc draft for work (yeah, I'll finish that on the train)...I know I need to breathe, but I had a mini break down when I was trying to find out how many Thank You cards I had gotten from Michaels when they closed the store in the next town over...I'm going to need to get some more. It actually started after Loverboy asked me if I was okay, then I brokedown and started to cry on the couch. Loverboy sat with me as I sat, blubbering, holding my hand..he's seriously the best and I'm lucky to be marrying him (though there have been times I almost previously left him...multiple times...he seems to redeem himself accordingly).

Why does my life have to suck so much right now, I wanna crawl under a rock and hide for the next month or so...but AFTER I do my taxes and pay off bills/wedding dress (which I still have no idea about and need to find) /doc bills/wedding stuff in general...someone please clone me or send me some cheap help...I'll pay in meatballs.


Sarah McBride said...

I am sorry you are in a rough patch right now. Families can be a hige pain in the ass. I almost dread going to my parents house when my siblings are there.

Anonymous said...

Remember that your parents are not happy people and don't let how they treat you affect how you see yourself. You're worth way more than anyone in your family realizes.