Monday, March 30, 2009

Help, I'm stress eating!!!

Okay, so we're getting down to the wire with the wedding. I've got a month and a half till we walk down the aisle (or across the dance floor since we're doing the ceremony and reception at a Viking lodge, maybe then we'll sashay instead). So with that, I'm stressed at what needs to be done, favors and centerpieces need to be completed, I need to find out a menu of food to bring in (and make a menu of stuff we're going to make like salad and desserts)...I haven't even gotten 1/2 the response cards back, but looks like it's going to be under 150 people (phew!) and that means one of the tables can be converted into a kids table (whoo hoo for the munchkins in the family who'd rather color than dance) Mom keeps telling me to invite so in so, and invite my sister in law's parents...what!??!?! Yeah, no. I only see them when I'm at my bro and sis in laws, I don't get Christmas cards from them, I don't talk to them on the phone, not gonna happen. I think this is because she may have invited them to the bridal shower...and they were NOT on my address list of who I wanted to come. I don't know if she's trying to show up the bridal shower against the one that sis in law's Mom threw when she got married, but I don't care, not my problem. Now I just need to explain this to my Mom when she gets back from Texas with my sis, nephew, and Dad...yeah, THEY get a Spring Break, I get an ulcer. Oh, speaking of my Dad, remind me to tell you the story of the devil beagle of my Dad's that we're watching while they're checking out the Alamo...give me a day or so, it'll get posted soon enough.

So with all that going on, and the economy being megasucky, work hours got cut...I'm working 32 instead of 40 hours a week now. Better that than lay offs, even though that seems great, a 3 day weekend to get more stuff done, that's one less day that we can use to PAY for the wedding. Zoinks!!! So this is contributing to some bad choices in eating habits!!! ARG!!! Loverboy used to have Monday's off, so I was thinking that'd be great that we'd have 2 days off together. Not anymore. His hours got changed from Tues-Sat, to Mon-Friday...and usually Sat is me running around doing errands, laundry and dishes and I wouldn't be able to see him during the day anyway. Now I'll be seeing him even less since I'll be running around while he's at home playing his video games (or gets kicked into helping with the centerpieces again...hee hee), while I try not to pull out my hair, pray that my skirt comes in the next 2 weeks, and wonder why the guy making the rings hasn't gotten back to me yet...SERENITY NOW!!! I need a T-shirt that says that, I'd wear it everyday.

So that's my schpeal...stress eating. I try to keep cut up veggies in the fridge, or keep fruit on hand, but I go for the salty and chocolatey stuff. Those new 60 calorie Sugar Free dark chocolate Jello pudding cups are my new downfall...I get stressed, I grab 2 or even 3 of those things!!! Though its only 180 calories, it's 180 unneeded calories. Better that than a pint of chocolate peanut butter ice cream from Baskin Robbins, though that DOES sound tempting now. What are some things you guys do to help prevent stress eating? I'd love to go walking, but the weather is so iffy right now, we even got an inch of snow yesterday...on a sidenote, I didn't end up doing the 5K Shamrock Shuffle yesterday due to a sore throat AND the inch of snow on the ground, I heard there were runners and walkers slipping on the ice, and thank god I didn't do it cause I'd be the one to break my leg from falling. NOT something I want to do less than 2 months prior to the wedding (even though the skirt is long enough to cover a cast...yikes, bit my tongue wench!!!).

So that's that, please help or I won't be able to fit into my skirt and will look like the staypuff marshmallow man on my wedding day!!!

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Lindsey said...

OK, breathe! Compartmentalize. Make a list for each week of what needs to be done, and ONLY think about those things. Also, bring a big jug of ice water with you everywhere. Drinking water will keep you from having hunger pangs and uncontrollable cravings. Have raisins and grapes around for sweet cravings and get veggie crackers for salty ones. And if you start to freak out, close your eyes, take deep breaths, and imagine Pammy, Sarah and I swooping in and handling everything while you enjoy your wedding, OK?