Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's been a while

So it's already August...seriously? Already? This year is seriously going by way too fast!!! So what's happened since July...

I start school on the 24th for the nursing program. Due to my hours at school would now be outweighing my hours at work, work has decided that my services are no longer needed 20 hours a week (I'd only be able to work Thurs and Friday) and I'm being "let go" on August 14th, next Friday. This is a good thing, however I wished I'd had another job set up in lieu of unemployment...never been unemployed, so this should be interesting.

My resume must be sitting in over 150 different websites and HR emails...going to have it reviewed to see if there's a reason no one is calling me back.

The name change game has finally begun!!! Man, is anyone told me how fun this would be, I think I'd keep my maiden name!!! Drivers license...check, bank...check, still need to do all the credit cards and my social security fun! Why don't you stick a spoon in my eye while you're at it? But hey, with my nonworking keister, at least I'll have the time, right?

What else...almost done with ripping down the siding and the asphalt shit on the outside of the house...whomever came up with that abomination should seriously be shot! Carpet is ripped up, drywall is ripped down...we should be able to start working indoors soon...hardwood floor here I come!!!

Hugs, till later...I need a drink.

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