Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lushy drunk and text messages...

Oh how I miss being on vacation with the group Loverboy and I were with last week, they are just a BUNDLE of laughs!!! One thing that sticks in my mind, and makes me giggle uncontrollably, was the way we'd talk in "text" code when the kids were around (not mine, I am without, but everyone else brought their whelps on vacation too). If it's one thing that chaps my hyde, it's how people feel the need to text rather than actually calling someone on the phone!!! Some were the standard WTF, and OMG...we'd literally spell it out, like Oh...Emm...Gee, when the kids were around, just to be retarded since most of them had brought their phones and were texting their friends while sitting around the campfire, or around a table full of jello shots like we lushes. Here are some of the NEW and IMPROVED text abbrevs that we came up with while heavily liquored up...

GBG...Go Blow Goats (I have no idea where that one came from, but it was the most popular one of the week)

FK...Fudge Knuckle (another one I'm oblivious about)

GAMF...Gay Ass Mother F@cker (yeah, at least we were saying the letters more than the phrases)

KMA...Kiss My Ass (not original, but it was funny saying it around the kids)

GFAG...Go F@ck a Goat (I dunno what was up with goats that week)

IDK...I Don't Know

BOB...was used as Bring Own Beer (rather than BYOB...we were too lazy to use the extra Y), Battery Operated Boyfriend, or Back Off B! matter how it was used, no one knew which one you were talking about...

There were others, but I was too sauced to remember the rest. Next year we're bringing up a recorder and taping our twisted conversations so we'll actually know what we were talking about...some of the 2am conversations were classic.

Speaking of lushes, we were at a lake called Eagle Lake in Michigan and they're known for something called the Gwangee monster. Don't ask me, but they had t-shirts with an image of the monster and that saying. Sometime during the week, someone talked about making up a t-shirt, but with a different theme than a lake monster. And so the "Eagle Lake Liquor Pig's" were born. Once we get a design, I'll be sure to post a pic, but that's what we ended up calling each other all week, the Liquor Pigs. We'll also have that person's nickname on the front of the shirt once we get a design...for example, I'm Queen Pyro due to my obsession with fire, Gina is the Jello Goddess, Steve is GBG (hence he's the one that started that "text" that took over for the week), Loverboy is The Brain (since he knows how to fix everything)...etc. Not that we didn't live up to our names, jello shots (multiple) almost every night by our friend Gina, bottles of Hurricaine mix(yummy!!!) and Grand Marnier (I have Loverboy trained), Rum, Vodka and orange juice, you name it!!! Man, I need 2 weeks up there next time!!!

So remember those text abbreviations next time you feel the urge to text someone, maybe it'll start a new trend?


Sarah McBride said...

poor goats, they were being used left and right for your text abbreviations!!

Scorpio-rising123 said...

Hi there - My name is Julie - GWANGEE means to shoplift and I've been doing this throughout my life since my early teens!!!

Oh its fun to gwangee, every minute of the darn day!!!



(((hugs))) xxxxxxx