Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back to the grind...

So last week I was off...yup, first vacation in 2 years!!! Man, how I miss not doing ANYTHING productive. Loverboy and I had gone up to Eagle Lake in Michigan, about 3 hours away, with some friends. All we did all week was jet-ski, boat, tube, fish, relax...and eat! OMG, I came home and realized that a week of eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, smores around the campfire, and anything someone put something in front of the table, I had gained 7 pounds. 7 pounds in one week of hot dogs, brats and burgers!!! Wow, no wonder the bridesmaid dress I tried on was a little hard to close in the back!!! But that gives me 3 weeks to loose that, and then some (not that I plan on loosing more than 7 pounds, it would be nice, but as long as I can get rid of the stuff I gained last week, I'll be thrilled!!!) Even since Saturday when we came home, I've lost 2 pounds...that's 2 pounds in 3 days of not eating constant crap!!! That means no more Mountain Dew, more water, more working out on the XL Glider (I was on that for an hour last night, and I feel sore but wonderful today), and taking the dogs out for pre-surgery walks to actually get a little more fit prior to being stuck on my keister for about 6 weeks.

Speaking of health, found out that Loverboy's Aunt was having chest pains and shortness of breath about a week ago, while we were in Michigan. Turns out she had some blockage and they ended up performing quadruple bypass surgery last night. She's doing great, and we're going to go see her tonight. Loverboy and I were talking and I was asking about his family medical history. He also had an Uncle who's had 4 open heart surgeries, and he doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, eats right, exercises everyday, and still has health issues!!! His Dad? Doesn't go to the hospital. So now this has us both spooked, and that we both need to start eating better and laying off, if not completely getting rid of, the mountains of Mountain Dew we drink a week. I told him to go for a physical, he's in his 30's now and should at least see if there's anything we need to be aware of at the moment (like we need anything else to worry about). I already know if I go to the docs they're going to say I'm overweight (no shit Sherlock), I've got high blood pressure (do you SEE what my life is like?), high cholesterol (which I'm going to try to change that real quick, but then again ALSO found out it runs in my Dad's side of the family), and my stress level is extremely high (again, no shit). Actually, I'll get to find out all that info within the next couple of weeks, I've got to get a physical before the surgery...

Which brings me to the surgery. Apparently August 20th was a bad date for the doc, he was going to be out of town. Then either schedule it earlier, or later...I chose earlier. So now the surgery is going to be August 13th (lucky 13 baby!!!) and August 8th at 8:30am I'm going to have the schpeal on what is going to take place and when I need to start fasting, etc. Thing is, August 8th is also the date of my friends wedding...but thank goodness we're not meeting till after noon (it's a 7:30pm wedding). You can't get any closer than that!!! So I'm not watching any movies or reading any books till after the surgery, I already know that I'm going to be going crazy, I can't sit still more than a couple hours at a time, and if I'm in front of the computer, I'll be hen pecking all day!

But as always, there's been a lot more stuff going on, and I'm still waiting for the silver lining to show her face. The Friday before we went on vacation, I received a letter that I had received a scholarship for the 2008-2009 nursing program semesters. Yup, it would've all been paid for, except I think for books and uniform (which the uniform and supplies themselves cost over $180, hadn't gotten the books yet). I dropped from my classes last night and decided that I was going to take the next 2 semesters off so I could just work, pay off bills, plan the wedding, and get my health back. I have to resubmit a letter of intent to try to get back in the program for the 2009 fall season (the program only starts in the fall so all the students start together for that year). They don't hold seats, and apparently I knew a lot of others that DIDN'T make the I was extremely lucky to actually make it. Also, got a call yesterday from a girl who was in my Microbiology class during the spring semester. She's a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) over at the hospital 15 minutes from my house that I was looking to get a job at while in school during the nursing program. Apparently her boss is hiring, so she called me to see if I was interested. Double ARG!!! I told her what was going on, and that if they were hiring again in the spring, I'd be all set. 6 weeks in a sling and 4 months of physical therapy is basically putting a lot of things on hold for the next 6 months.

So in the last 3 months I've: a)made it into the nursing program, b)found out I needed shoulder surgery, so I needed to drop out of the nursing program, c)I need to reapply for the nursing program for the fall of 2009, d)I lost a job opportunity because I'm going to have surgery in a couple of weeks, e)I need to get a full physical before the surgery on August 13th, f)I'm standing up in a wedding on August 8th, g)I have a wedding to plan (and it may be sooner than later the way that Loverboy keeps picking dates), h)I'm having surgery on August 13th and I'll be immobile for 6 weeks...and I'm ending at h because if I write anymore, I'm going to freak myself out. Notice that I haven't said anything about the garden or the house? That's because that's going to come at a later date. Hopefully the tomatoes won't go bad by the beginning of September, I've already got a lot of Basil and Oregano, and the Hungarian hot wax peppers are going nuts! I've already got my first full grown cucumber (yum!), I've got beans that are flowering, and I've already had enough raspberries to put on top on some cereal! The lettuce is doing well, never thought I could get that going in a hanging container, and the marigolds are going crazy!!! As for the house, Loverboy has the beams for the wall and the ceiling, but isn't starting another project until the Oldsmobile is driveable once again.

So once again, me complaining again. It was so nice last week doing nothing but relaxing...except for the gaining 7 pounds deal. But again, I've got 6 weeks of rest and relaxation, but it won't seem like that because I won't be able to do anything but sit there (I'll be tearing my hair out within a couple of days!!!)

Well, that's my deal for the day. It's almost 9am, and I've got patients coming in, phone calls to make, and a desk full of papers that I need to get organized. Till next time...

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