Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What a day...

Well, it's only 10:30am, and it's already become "One of those days".

I woke up at 5am to the "brown eye" once again (it's becoming a habit this week) since his food bowl was empty and he felt the need to wake me up to let me know.

I stepped on one of the retards digestive pyrotechnical hairballs on my way to get my clothes from the front closet. No socks. Ewwww!!!!

Got into work and found out that an important meeting is being postponned till Friday at, that's not so much a bad thing, that gives me extra time to review all the paperwork a little more (or should I say at all...I've been slacking since it hasn't been finalized).

Just found out that a friend's (actually my ex) father died and I never received the email! There were actually 2 emails sent from him to a group of us, one saying he found out his Dad had throat cancer about 6 weeks ago and would be starting chemo last Friday, and the second to say that he had passed away on Monday night. The wake is tomorrow night, so at least I was able to find out about it before then. Just got off the phone with him and talked, it's been a while since we've talked (I think my birthday when everyone was buying me Long Islands and wine coolers, not a good mix). It was nice, and I hadn't realized some things that I hadn't known before. It sad to say, but this is a serious wake up call for him to quit smoking, and he's going to get his fiance to quit too which is even better. Now if I can just get Loverboy to quit...

Speaking's the update on the no smoking, minus the 5 times I cheated due to stress:

My Stats: Your Quit Date is: 1/9/2008
Time Smoke-Free: 168 days, 12 hours, 22 minutes and 8 seconds
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 4213
Lifetime Saved: 1 month, 2 days, 4 hours
Money Saved: $1,176.00
thanks to

Whoo-hoo!!! No WONDER I can pay my bills again!!! Last time I cheated was back in April when I was in the car accident. I definately feel better, I can smell better, my clothes doesn't smell (unless Loverboy is around me when I'm folding laundry), and I've gained an extra month of life from this! I'm sending that link to the ex. Maybe it'll give him some extra perspective. I also told him about Chantix, and about this quit smoking book Bobo had me read...well, partially read. I only got into about 4 chapters before I couldn't do it anymore.

Tomorrow I've got a doc appt with a NEW doc to look at my shoulder. If this guy doesn't know what's wrong, then I'm going to wait until my shoulder falls off until I go to another doc. At least I got to take the day off of work since the doc is all the way out by my folks (about an hour away). Bonus is that I get to have lunch with my Bobo (oh how I miss being so far from him and the boys)!!!

So it turned out to be an ice cream for breakfast morning. On the way to work, I KNEW there was somthing about today, I picked up some orange juice, a chocolate muffin for a snack later on, and a Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream bar...cherry ice cream with sweet, dark cherries AND a dark chocolate coating...yup, definately an ice cream for breakfast day. I'm glad I'm an adult and can do this, my Mom would NEVER have allowed us to just eat ice cream for breakfast (now waffles with ice cream is a totally different scenario). So here's what actually took place AFTER getting my tasty treat...

So now it's off to finish up the mound of paperwork on my desk, wait for the 30 page fax of stuff that needs to be answered, phone calls (or rather leaving messages...), faxing over documentation and try to get this one guy to give me his doctor's name and number so I can get surgery details. When I get out of here, I get to go home to drop off a funnel cake kit to a lady from Freecycle (this woman seems weird...she can't come by to pick it up because I think they have one car, and when I ask for directions to her house, her husband needs to give me directions cause she doesn't know how to get to her own house from the K-Mart down the street) before taking the pups back to the vet for their booster shots...and THEN I get to go over the paperwork that I was supposed to review last night, but I've got tomorrow to do that too...tee hee. MAN, I'm such a slacker....

What else...OH, I wanna work on some stuff for ETSY (, you can check out my barren shop at ) , weed the garden, get all the recycle stuff ready to dump off tomorrow morning so I don't have to wake up early on Saturday (oh, sweetness of sleep), get some stuff packed to take to my Mom's tomorrow after the doc's appt and before the wake...haha...but tonight I get to BURN stuff!!!

Yes, I'm a mighty pyro that may do more harm than good. I've almost (well, multiple times almost) lit a gas can on fire by pouring gas into a "not starting so good" fire...imagine someone running and shaking the tip of a gas can that's got a train of fire from the fire barrel to the gas can...priceless I can tell ya. Since we're tearing up the back deck, rather than buying a dumpster and putting TONS of wood (okay, maybe not TONS, but a lot) of wood into a landfill, we burn it, then just throw out the ashes and nails. Easy peasy, not even a 10th of what would have gone in the local landfill. And I get my kicks for burnin stuff...except for the fact that I smell like a bonfire the next morning when I go to work, no matter how much I scrub in the shower.

Hairballs, morning "brown eye", ice cream, paperwork galore, death, doc appts...I think I've covered more than enough bases for one day. Time for a nap!!!


Daisy said...

Wow---you sure can put a lot into a single day!

As for the hairballs on the floor--eww! I can so relate to that though. My cat that lived to be 18 years old, often left us little surprises to find. Yuck!

Congratulations on your quitting smoking!!! Good luck in your continued success with that!

Lindsey said...

YAAYYY! I'm so proud of you for quitting and sticking with it. It's especially hard when you live with someone who smokes, I'm sure. I'm assuming it was S's dad who died. That's sad. Please tell him that Barry and I send our condolences, will you? Miss you!