Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Newest addition!!!

So, you've met the moose, the diva, the freaky cat we call Goofy, now here's the newest addition to our family!!! Meet Mr. Max (not my choice of names, but we just call him Max).

The fluffiest, fire tipped Siamese I've ever met (and the only fire tipped Siamese I've ever met). He looks big, but he's all fur. He weighs something like 7 pounds, as opposed to fat ass who's 16 (and fat ass being the other cat in the house). Actually we don't really call him Max, we call him retard. He's a great cat, laid back, head butts you for attention, begs with the dogs...but he'll be sleeping on the couch, then fall off backwards. He rubs up against the dogs then runs away. He licks the carpet, then wonders why he throws up hair balls all the time (and they're not pretty). He and Goofy get in an all out brawl, Goofy will pin him on his back, lick him in the head, and run as if to say "You've been beaten, yon retard, now feel the wrath of my kitty lick". Cracks me up every time. He pretty much sleeps most of the time, and you can't hear him purring, but you can feel it. He's got a meow that sounds like he's got emphysema...it's a light partial meow, another of the many things that cracks me up about this cat.

Now Max was actually my Loverboy's Mom's cat, but she couldn't bring him with her when she moved, so I suggested that he stay with us since he got along well with the demon cat (Goofy) last time she stayed with us. Loverboy added that if we were going to claim him, get him declawed and get his shots, he was going to become ours and that she could visit, but he was staying put. I thought it was a great idea, now the pups are teamed up against the cats...and I think the felines have the upper hand.
If you forgot who Goofy was, he got out today when Loverboy, aka Bob Villa, was trying to figure out what was going to happen with the deck that we're ripping apart from the back of the house.

And here's freak boy himself, trying to make a run for it after eating grass like it was going out of style. This is where I get the brown eye in the morning...disgusting little cretin.

So I had some fun with these two after stopping off at the local supermarket club (Sam's Club) and picked up some giant cans of tuna to make a tuna casserole. It's just so much easier to open one big can and find out what you're going to do with the rest rather than opening 5 or 6 cans just for one meal. That's just plain wasteful, and a pain in the keister to drain all that tuna (yup, if you haven't guessed by now, I'm a bit lazy). I put the can on the floor to see if Max and Goofy would go for it, and got the most hilarious pics!

Goofy looks like his head is getting swallow up by this huge can!!! If you look at Goofy's face in the third pic, it looks like he's yelling at Max to hurry up, it's HIS turn. Ah....brotherly love, and it's all for a can of tuna greater than the size of their heads.

And finally, Goofy letting us know that this was delish with his little pink tongue working it's magic. I'd love to find a can of tuna the size of my head.
Better yet, a bottle of sangria twice the size of my head...I'd dig that!


Sarah McBride said...

I like your newest ball of fur!! He looks so sweet and pretty!!

Daisy said...

What a beautiful cat Max is!