Sunday, June 12, 2016

Harem Pant Leggings!!!

Been MIA for a bit, but coming on here to start doing a "Few of my favorite things" on things that make me happy.  I've been finding myself more these days, and wanted to share that with you while I take this journey of self realization/self worth to a level I have not yet found, but want to get to.

So I've been getting more into the whole "down with pants" phase and have been looking for something to wear other than my bulky SO not flattering sweats, and something that I can wear that's comfortable not only at the gym, but at home doing yoga, or just lounging around wherever.  Comfort is a plus, something that's not going to fall off my butt, something that can hang with my curves, and not feel like I've got a permanent muffin top or stuffed sausage look.  Of course you see the adds on facebook on the side of the page for clothing, so my eye caught a company called Thai Harem Pants with an image of a woman in flowy, really cool patterned pants.  So I checked out the website:

I'm flipping through the pictures of cotton pants, fisherman pants, low cut harem pants, then I see the leggings.  The picture shows tie dye, as I am a HUGE fan.  So I figured I might as well check them out and see what happens.  I came across these lovelies and I was in love!
But they were out of stock!!! ARG.  Thank you for having a "Notify me when this becomes available" link, and within I think it was about a week or 2 these were available.  They were reasonable at $22 for a pair, with just under $5 for shipping.  It took about 2 weeks to get them, the website says it takes about 2-3 weeks with Thai Post Airmail, and 3-4 days with Express Courier.  No worries, it came quicker than I thought it would and I actually did a little happy dance when I found them in my mailbox after work one day!

I am truly a happy camper and will definitely be checking out more of the different patterns/styles of pants on this website.  Let me know of any pants/leggings that you've purchased that make you happy? I'm always up for looking at new styles and companies.

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